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It’s Time to Ditch the Magazines

Is your waiting area cluttered with boring newspapers or outdated gossip magazines? It’s reading material, sure; but wouldn’t you rather have something more engaging, inspirational, and promotional for your clients to read that could lead to more sales and happier customers?

While it might not seem like an important aspect of salon marketing, having engaging and inspirational reading material in your waiting area will provide your salon with a few unique benefits that regular fashion and gossip magazines just can't do.

There are other beauty lookbooks available, but ours stand above the rest as artful depictions of the potential of a well-styled haircut. So, what makes our lookbooks so special? For starters, we only feature the best photography available in the beauty industry. All of our photos are in stunning high-resolution using professional models that know how to work a camera with camera wizards capturing the moment perfectly.

We also don’t stick to the same old, boring haircuts that you’ve seen for the last 15 years. Instead, we source the best in contemporary hair styles that fit with the season and follow the latest trends. Because our lookbooks are so vivid, your clients will feel like they are seeing the hairstyles up-close and in-person, they will develop a stronger emotional connection to the hairstyle.

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