Water Base Pavements Sign: Woman in Big Curls Hollywood Glam Look

Product Details

Unlike other pavement signs, the Water Base Pavement Sign has a hollow base that can be filled with water or sand to provide strength and stability for your outdoor signage. Your signs are attached to the base by heavy-duty springs which prevent the pavement sign from falling over in strong winds. Our recommendation is to use Plastic posters for the Water Base Pavement Sign.

Product details

  • Water Base Pavement Sign available in silver or black
  • The display sign has a snap frame mechanism for easy poster updates
  • Built-in wheels (except A2) and pull along handle provide easy movement
  • Posters can be viewed from inside & outside.
  • Easy poster change, Click frame allows quick poster changes
  • Plastic cover, Protects your poster for longevity
  • Rigid back panel, Plastic panel keeps poster secure and in place
  • Available in the color Silver and Black

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