Aluminum Frames and Cloth - Man with High Fade Quiff and Fringe Haircut with Orange Hair color

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 How to Use Our Aluminum Frames and Cloth Products

A wonderful innovative way to give your salon that special look. Once you have selected your matching aluminum frame you can change your images at any time. The cloth can be very easily stretched in the frame. These allow you to give an extra dimension to your interior. This form of decoration is perfect, it can transform, a large wall in your salon into something unique, giving it a fantastic look and we can also add your logo or desired text. You can choose any image from our extensive range at Bound for Style collection or upload your own photo!


Create a unique and elegant look with an Aluminum Frame and Cloth in your salon.


Benefits and Possibilities for Aluminum Frames and Cloths


  • Any desired format, maximum 9 x 3 meters or 354.331 x 118.11.
  • The fabric can easily be exchanged, replaced, and reused.
  • Textile cloths are also available separately.
  • Washable, easy to clean, and fire-resistant.
  • Sound-absorbing material.
  • Possibility for logo and text


* Additional cost based on subsequent calculation

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