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Customized BannerCustomized BannerCustomized BannerCustomized Banner

Customize Your Salon Banner

Benefits of Salon Banner

  • Real eye Catchers

  • Easy to install/hang

  • Double sided

  • Let's light through

  • Sun and water resistant

  • Possibility for logo and text

  • Special dimensions possible on request

    Max size: 140x300cm/55.11" x 118.11" inches



S - 80x140 cm / 31.50x55.12 inM - 90x160 cm / 35.43x62.99 inL - 100x180 cm / 39.37x70.87 inXL - 110x200 cm / 43.31x78.74 inXXL -120x220 cm / 47.24x86.61 in

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Create your own customized Textile with your own design!  Create your design using your favorite graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop.  For best quality results, the image should be sized at exactly 3,300 x 4,500 pixels at 300 dpi.  Save your file as PNG or JPG, then upload the file using the Upload button above.  After we receive your order, we'll create a 3D Canvas Prints mockup of your design, then show it to you for you to approve.  After you've approved your design, we'll start the manufacturing process, then ship the item to you when it's done.

It takes between 4-7 business days for us to manufacture your item.  We do not carry any stocks on hand, and only produce your item after it has been ordered. Please allow between 7-45 days for your order to arrive. if more than 45 days have passed please emails us at to review the status of your order.