Thank you for inquiring about a guest post submission on our blog. We are charging $35 for all published guest posts. Why are we doing this?

What will you receive?

  • Published within 48 hours. Normally the process would take 2-4 weeks.

  • Revision requests. If needed, we will change the url to your site if the page is moved or is moved to a new website. In the past requests like this were ignored due to time constraints.

  • 1-2 links back to your website in the body of the article as long as they are relevant to the article. These are much better than general bio links. For additional links we charge $10

Some things you need to know

  • Illegal websites, gambling, porn, etc. websites are not allowed to be linked to.

  • Your article needs to be of quality and relevant to the topics on our website. We try hard to maintain quality on our site which allows us the maintain a quality site in the eyes of the search engines.

These are our guidelines for a guest post:

  • Your post must be salon related. We blog about beauty salons/owners stories that are written by people who are working in the beauty industry.

  • Our readers must be interested in your topic. Our readers are mostly salon owners. Adding statistics, anecdotes, and facts about your topic is a good idea.

  • Our ideal post is 1000 words.

  • Your post must be reader-friendly.

  • https://gem-3910432.netThe post must be exclusive to Bound for Style. Please do not send a post that has been published somewhere else, or that you intend to publish on another platform.

  • Pictures are good. Please provide a high quality creative commons photo for your blog post if you can. The minimum width should be 640px. Please include a link to the original photograph. However, we may choose to use another photograph if the one submitted is not suitable.

  • Please use correct grammar and check spelling using this setting. Please double check your work before you submit, as we do not have time to edit. However, if there are problems you have missed, we reserve the right to edit the post.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a beautiful day, 

Peter Buijs