Why every salon owner should invest in Salon Private Labeling!

Bound for Style's salon private label is the definitive answer to (startup) salon brand's production dilemmas. A partnership with Bound for Style allows you to focus on selling your brand without worrying about your product line's quality at almost zero risk and high returns. Salon private label is a great way to expand your salon marketing, salon branding design, salon digital marketing, salon marketing services, beauty brand identity, salon marketing strategies, hair salon competition and of course your own salon competition ideas.

100% natural 


Made in Europe

No Synthetic 


and Colorants

200 units 

minimum order 

quantity (MOQ)

Bound for Style's Private Label services gives you a wide range of pre-existing formulas for hair products to choose from. Thus, the perfect solution for salons and spas of all sizes looking for a simplified method to develop and introduce their own line of natural and custom hair care. Additionally, our private label option gives you access to our packaging and design team to ensure that your products are aligned with your brand's vision.

So, what makes Bound for Style's private label the best solution for (startup) salon brands like you?

Our Haircare formulas are tried and tested. Partners can eliminate the need for research and development allocation funds.

Manufacturing and shipping processes are comparatively lower than competitors in the market.

Access to trained sales experts to work and guide you with the private label process to perfect your brand's product line.

  • 100% natural or certified organic ingredients
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Nothing synthetic or artificial
  • Sustainable packaging
  • GMP certified facility
  • Manageable time frames
  • Easy, affordable and stress-free way to build your own beauty brand
  • Low cost private label hair care
  • We respect customer confidentiality and formula accuracy
  • We provide complete private label hair care solutions from concept to completion, quickly and reliably
  • Bound for Style's commitment to assist you in establishing your brand is not just a skin-deep promise. We make it a point to work closely with you to ensure your brand does not only come out okey but fabulously fantastic
  • For more details on Bound for Style salon private label, please contact us to set you up with Bound for Style's exceptional services or request for Bound for Style's PDF for more in-depth information on products and services

Samples of Salon Private Label Products

Private Label Hair Care products for your brand.
Our focus is on hair care products (including a wide selection of unique, all-natural, certified organic ingredients). 

Higher profit potential.
Selling under your own label means having more control of your outcome. The more middlemen in your retail business, the lower your profit. By working with us, you can start your own brand, buy at factory prices, and start advertising and selling instantly - something your can't do if you're working with another brand's products.

Easy manufacturing and shipping process.
We'll take care of everything for you - we produce, design, label, and supervise the manufacturing and branding process. We provide all documentation and analysis necessary to pack and ship your new branded product to you or to an Amazon FBA warehouse so you can start selling immediately.
                   Start your own private salon private label brand today- contact us and let's chat!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer samples?
We can prepare and send you samples. You only need to fill in the attached application form. The costs for samples and shipping are covered by the client. Please write the products in the form with the according numbers from our price list. 

How much are the sending cost for the samples?

After you fill out and return the form, we can calculate the costs. 

Can I customize packaging components?

Yes, that is possible, although sometimes it depends on the package. 

Do you offer logo and branding design and is it included the price?

Yes, we do offer design services. These costs are additional.
It is 50.00 EUR per label and per concept. These 50 EUR include 3 minor corrections after seeing the 1st concept.
If the client wants bigger changes, then there will be additional costs of 15.00 EUR per hour.
If you want a totally different concept, then it is another 50.00 EUR per label.
It is better if you can send more information about how you visualize the design. Maybe images of other label designs.

Do you have a list of ingredients so I can see what goes into each product?

You can see the formulas on our PDF we will send you. 

What materials are your packages made from?

We have packages from different materials, mainly PET and HDPE. We also have glass.