What is Google My Business?
Google My Business is a free tool for business owners to manage their online presence across the google suite of websites, including Google Search, Mobile Search, Local Search and Google Maps, It Allows you to create, verify and edit a business listing in Google, without needing to do any extra work to your website or implementing a search engine optimisation strategy. Google developed Google My Business as a way to make it easier for searchers to get the information they need, quickly and conveniently. Your business's address, opening hours and contact information will appear in your Google My Business listing, without the need for someone to click through to your website and go looking. put simply, it allows potential customers to more easily find your, and contact you.

If a potential customer is just looking for a phone number, an address or opening hours for your business, then there is no need for them to click through to your website - those details are provided in your Google My Business listing. right there in the search results. Some business owners have asked "Isn't that a bad thing? If people don't need to click through to my website?" Don't look at this as one less click to your website: look at it as a potential customer finding the information they were looking for more easily. If they only wanted your phone number or to see if you were open on a Saturday, they found that information more quickly that if they'd needed to click onto your site. That customer is entirely satisfied!

Of course, if the customer wanted some other information, they would have clicked though to your website. For this reason alone, setting up a Google My Business listing is a worthwhile investment. But when you start looking a little deeper, a Google My business listing is absolutely essential for every business.

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