1. What on earth are high-end downloadable beauty photos? 

High-end downloadable beauty photos lets customers see a set of readymade content i.e. business and article photographs obtainable for customers to buy the rights to utilize them. 

Digital stock photography lets customers to see the final output before they have bought the rights to use them, and the content can be licensed instantly. The advantages are plenty. Its cheaper than commissioned photography especially with Royalty-Free content. You save on costs associated with doing photo shoots – photographers, models, art direction, location and retouching fees.


2. Define Royalty-Free 

Royalty free allows customers to use the content repeatedly without paying additional fees (royalties) after paying the initial licensing fee.


To put it simply, when you purchase a Royalty Free content, you merely purchased the rights to use that content legally, without additional fees or interruption from the copyright owner (as long as that the scope of use remains within the End User License Agreement). You do not own the copyright of the content and it cannot be resold or transferred to another owner ; you get the benefit of licensing content conveniently at the lowest costs.


3. What’s the difference between Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed? 

OK. Rights-Managed offers individual content to be rented through the negotiation of a specific price for a specific use. It offers you exclusive rights, plus the ability to restrict similar use of the content by others.


Royalty-Free on the other hand, allows you unlimited usage – there’s no need to pay royalties after the initial purchase. This greatly reduces cost and allows greater freedom with the content licensed. 

4. What are the kinds of membership in Bound for Style? 

There are 2 kinds of membership. The first is a regular membership. A regular membership allows you to download photos and other content (video, etc) and take advantage of our exclusive offers and promotions. The second is a contributor membership. A contributor membership allows you to upload content (photos, videos etc.) to Bound for Style and earn while showcasing your work worldwide.

5. I want to register as Bound for Style member. Is there a fee? 

No, registration is free with no hidden charges.

6. I want to join as a Bound for Style contributor. Is there a fee? 

Same as the regular member, registration is free and there are no hidden charges.


7. Do I need to register before purchasing photos? 

 No, you can purchase photos without registration. We highly recommend though that you register to take advantage of our offers and promotions that are exclusive to registered members. 

8. I just want to browse your site. Do I need to register? 

No, you are welcome to browse without registering! However, you may want to register soon to avoid missing out on the promotions that we offer.


9. How do I search for photos? 

The fastest way to search for a specific photo you need is by typing the keywords in the search bar on the first page. Once a keyword/s is/are entered, we will display a set of search results related to the term. In the event that your search comes up with 0 results, you may try narrowing the number of keywords to two which best describes what you’re looking for.


10. Does Bound for Style require me to enter my credit card/paypal details during registration? 

No, you would only need to enter your credit card/paypal if you choose to purchase any of our content(photos, videos etc.).For contributors, you would need to enter the email address associated with your paypal account before uploading your content (photos/videos). 

11. How does Bound for Style “Beauty Photos for Download” work?

Bound for Style provides ready-to-use high-end downloadable beauty photos that you can put in almost any project you can think of. All of our content comes from our community of photographers and contributors and is thoroughly scrutinized to ensure it meets our quality standards. When you download a photo on Bound for Style, you’re purchasing a license that lets you use the file in advertising, websites, blogs, presentations and more. Our files are all royalty-free, which means you can use them in as many projects as you want for as long as you want, within the terms of the license.


12. How does the compensation scheme work for photographers/contributors?


For the compensation scheme, a contributor is given a single rate that applies to all photos. No minimum sales, no packages and no difficult credit systems. Its easy, simple and straightforward. To illustrate this, we’ve made a diagram that shows the rate applied to every size and the equivalent compensation for each download. https://www.boundforstyle.com/pages/what-we-offer.