What We Do

We develop and print unique and innovative salon decoration materials, creating professionally designed salon websites, salon private label, salon custom formulation and digital marketing services for Salons Worldwide.

Passionate Team, Driving Results

Bound for Style is an innovative Digital Marketing & Web Design Agency based in the Netherlands and operating worldwide. Our passion for doing digital marketing and online business has grown us into a full-service strategic marketing company developing online solutions for helping salon owners across the globe.

Our mission is always to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. This customer-focused mindset has earned us accolades for offering some of the best service and support in the industry. We build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients that deliver success.

What We Value

Customer Experience

Customer experience is paramount at Bound for Style; it informs everything, from the first time you are exposed to our brand to years from now when we are still supporting and marketing your salon business.

Quality Work

Every project we take on is another opportunity to prove our commitment to delivering the best solution. We work hard to develop the most innovative salon decoration, professionally designed salon websites, private label, salon custom formulation and digital salon marketing services for you. All of our salon decoration and salon marketing services are hand-crafted from start to finish by the hard-working team at Bound for Style.

Customer Success

We enjoy getting to know each and every one of our clients and invest ourselves in their success. We don't just print salon decoration, create salon websites and deliver digital marketing services, we build relationships that yield results.


We work to make ourselves and others around us better by abundantly consuming knowledge and sharing it with employees, customers, vendors, competitors, and the beauty industry. Learning never stops, and we push ourselves to stay at the forefront of technologies, to be innovative, and to improve on every project.

All our web design and digital marketing services are:

- affordable

- professional

- effective

- easy to understand

- and industry specific

Our Story

From small-time business owners to industry leaders.

Bound for Style founder and team have been creating online services together for over 30 years. Starting out, they devoted their time to creating online businesses. This led to the creation of Bound for Style in 2015.

Running four successful online businesses themselves, they have the same passion for helping other businesses grow online. Now with a talented team around them, they have emerged as a leading agency in the beauty industry.

So, are you looking for business growth built around a reliable but straightforward approach?

Get in touch with us and see how we can set up your salon business success in a cost-efficient and effective direction. Promoting your salon should not be done haphazardly. Consider finesse, accessibility, and costs. Only then will your business be able to move forward, bound for success.

Welcome to Bound for Style

Peter Buijs