How does BFS stock library work?
Bound for Style provides ready-to- use photos that you can put in almost any project you can think of. All of our content comes from our community of photographers and contributors and is thoroughly scrutinized to ensure it meets our quality standards. When you download a photo on Bound for Style, you’re purchasing a license that lets you use the file in advertising, websites, blogs, presentations and more. Our files are all royalty-free, which means you can use them in as many projects as you want for as long as you want, within the terms of the license.
How do I search for photos?
The fastest way to search for a specific photo you need is by typing the keywords in the search bar on the first page. Once a keyword/s is/are entered, we will display a set of search results related to the term. In the event that your search comes up with 0 results, you may try narrowing the number of keywords to two which best describes what you’re looking for.
How do the compensation and marketing schemes work for photographers/contributors?
For the compensation scheme, a contributor has 3 levels of compensation applied to each individual photos. The level of compensation a photo gets depends on the number of downloads a specific photo has already accumulated. The three levels are Starter, Contributor and Pro. Each level requires a maximum number of downloads to be upgraded to the next level. The starter level has a maximum of 100 units of downloads, when a speficic photo reaches a 100 downloads, that photo is upgraded to the Contributor level and will have the corresponding compensation rate for that level which is 55% of the posted percentage. The photographer/contributor enjoys that higher rate of 55% of the posted price (Contributor Level) on the 101st download of that photo.
Does the specific level I’m at (ex. starter, contributor, pro) apply to all of the photos in my account?
No. The different levels apply to each photo. When a specific photo reaches a certain number of downloads that photo gets the percentage that corresponds to that level. For example, Photo A got 99 units of download, the compensation that a photographer/ contributor will get for Photo A will be 40% of the posted price (depends on the size downloaded). Once Photo A reaches 100 downloads, that photo is then upgraded from Starter level to Contributor level. On the 101st download, the photographer starts to receive 55% of the download price for Photo A.
I have already reached Pro level (70%) on my first photo. After uploading new sets of photo to the BFS stock library. Those new photos only earn 40% of the listed price. Why is this so?
The leveling is on a per photo basis. This is to encourage newbies and veteran photographers alike to produce stunning images on a level playing field. We consider the final output the most important thing in images. This means that a hobbyist who was able to produce an amazing and very marketable photo can earn at the same rate per photo as someone who has been in the industry for a longer time.
Does the level of each photo stay?
The download credits earned stay and accumulates over time. It does not reset to a lower level after a month or a year. This is to make it easier for photographers to earn more by accumulating download credits over a longer period of time and getting those credits to level up and earn more rate out of the posted price for photos.
How do we track earnings per photo and the actual amount earned per download?
We have an Earnings Page. Link is at the top of your Account’s Page

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