Ways to Reduce No Shows and Last Minute Cancellations

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Is it not a little vexing when a client suddenly cancels an appointment you have been preparing for the last couple of hours. Sometimes, they will not even be bothered to contact you and will just not show up.

No shows and last minute cancellations are the bane of the service industry, especially salons. And while we all cannot realistically eliminate it, there are ways in which we can reduce it.

In this article, we will explore 3 simple ways to make sure that your salon gets little to no last minute cancellations and no shows.

Do not rely on scheduled appointments

More often than not, people do not actually know what they will be doing everyday. They may have pencilled in an appointment with you, but that can still change especially if there are urgent matter they need to attend to. Sometimes, they will simply forget that they have an appointment with you.

The good news is, you can still make pre-appointments work. Just consider these tips:

  • Once a client has made an appointment, schedule a call or send them a text message a day before their appointment.
  • Consider allowing only reliable clients to schedule an appointment; but only pencil in clients who have had a history of no-show or last minute cancellations (those who have done it more than once).
  • While priority is given to reliable clients, as a courtesy, do not forget to contact clients with no-show history when a spot has been made available for them.

Create a cancellation or no show policy

At the end of the day, we are running a business. The amount we are losing because of no-shows and cancellations will not just affect the profit and loss of the business, but also the livelihood of the stylists under your employ. Being a little strict so that clients respect your time as you do theirs is not too much to ask.

Consider creating a firm policy on these matters and make sure everyone knows it. Do not just post it on your website or social media page. Whenever a customer schedules an appointment, ask them where you can send the policy so that they will have a copy.

So what should the policy’s format be? The key is giving them time to change their minds. Include how much time you are willing to give them to either cancel or reschedule the appointment before incurring a fee. Some salons usually give customers 24 hours for rescheduling and 48 hours for cancellation.

Strengthen client relationships

Often, clients will take the time out of their day either to attend to their salon appointment or make the effort to call ahead cancel. And they do this because the relationship that was created between you and them is important.

Believe us when we say that if you and all your staff do not make an effort in strengthening your relationship with clients, no matter how top of the line your products are or how recognized your stylists are, their level of commitment will still waver.

Reducing the number of no shows and last minute cancellation really requires effort from both client and your salon. Follow these tips and ensure all your clients are clear about what your policies are for these while showing them that you do value their time.

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