Ways to Market Your Salon Using QR Codes

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What is the one thing we all cannot leave our houses without? Is it our keys? Our wallet, maybe? Would you believe that some people would rather forget picking up their keys and wallet, but not their phones? We live a very smartphone-centric lifestyle these days that there is literally an app for anything and everything. Whether you’re looking for highend beauty photo inspiration or finding ways to beat boredom with games, your smartphone is something you definitely can’t live without.

But apps and photo filters aside, there is yet another smartphone revolution that is helping business owners get their brands out there. The Quick Response (QR) code is fast becoming one of the best tools for marketing online. The QR code, which looks like a two-dimensional bar code that customers can scan through their phone allows business owners to send alerts and promo details in an instant.

With people still thinking twice about pulling their phones out to see a text message telling them about a discount, QR codes can offer salon owners fast and creative ways to get their message across. Here are some ways to use the QR code to market your salon.

To improve the shopping experience

Some retail brands are using QR codes to direct the customers to a landing page with a video that explains how to use their products properly. Since the “shopping experience” is a bit different for salons, what you can do is lead potential customers to newsletter signup or video showing off the latest hair trends. Make sure to position the QR code strategically, like around your salon’s reception desk, so that customers will have easy access to it.

To enhance the booking system

Loyalty is EVERYTHING when it comes to running a salon business. A high customer retention rate isn’t just great for your reputation, but you also save more money keeping an old customer than winning a new one.  You can enhance your customer’s booking experience by giving them a business card with a QR code that leads them to your online booking system. This way, you make it much easier for your valued clients to set appointments. If you want to make the most out of this idea, you can use refrigerator magnets instead of paper business cards. It’s a constant reminder that making the next salon appointment is as close as a walk to the refrigerator.

To send out promotions

We all know the value of a mailing list to market your salon and one way you can increase you're opt-in subscribers is by using a QR code. This one of the most tried and tested ways to drive your business, especially on days when clientele has dwindled. Though it’s easy to push out promos, announcements, special discounts and more using QR codes make sure that the messages you send your subscribers are worth opening because the bounce rate can usually be high. The name of the game is engagement. Think of incentives or rewards you can offer subscribers who will open your message.

Remember, you are not limited to the black and white two-dimensional QR code. You can use your brand colors when you create your own code for some flair. You can even use QR codes to take customers to your salon playlist for the day or instantly qualify them to a raffle while they’re getting a haircut. The possibilities to market your salon are endless!

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