Tips on How to Get Started with Real-Time Marketing

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Real-time marketing is a fairly new concept. Unlike other online marketing efforts, best practices have not been laid out for real-time marketing as everyone is still testing it out. In its core, real-time marketing is basically being able to bank on relevant trends or topics at a particular moment, and capturing audiences or customers through well-timed campaigns.

For instance, during the Pokemon Go craze, lots of companies have created promos specifically referencing the famous app. From cafes offering lures to people who would buy a cup of coffee to malls and even wax removal services. Yes, some of it are ridiculous, but that is the nature of real-time marketing, it is mostly a hit or miss.

While predicting the outcome of a campaign is difficult, you can include it in your salon marketing efforts. All you need to do is know how to use to your advantage.In this article, we will explore ways in which you can start with real-time marketing.

Make the campaign relevant

One of the reasons why some companies just can’t get real-time marketing right is because they’re trying too hard. If you’re creating a promo that’s aimed at cashing in on current events, you have to make sure that the trend you’ve chosen is relevant to you first.

When the Royal Baby was born, there have been lots of companies congratulating the Duke and Duchess while promoting their products at the same time. Many have been cringe-worthy, but only one stood out. Warburton’s ad was simple, using baking references to take a nod at the Royal birth and to promote their baked goods.

You can do the same thing for your salon, too. Most trends today are about hair and makeup, and you can easily bank on this by creating promotional ads or videos that references it.

Be present on your social media

Real-time marketing is not just about the promo ads that you churn out, it is also about monitoring your customers or audience on social media. Always be on the lookout for relevant concerns that needs to be addressed quickly. Response time is one of the most important things customers consider when they’re deciding to change their patronage. For as long as you can provide them with answers quickly, you can remain relevant to them.

Use creative techniques when pushing real-time marketing efforts

You don’t have to stick to what is traditional online (if there is such a term). Online posters and standard replies will not fly anymore. When Vine still existed, many companies have used it to make, not just 6-second commercials, but also response videos to their customer’s tweets. You can definitely use variations of this technique by holding a Facebook live event or creating a witty video for Youtube.

However, if you want to stick to You’ve probably seen screenshots of fast food companies responding to users in a very witty way. Masters of this art are Denny’s and Wendy’s, able to give clever answers to customers quickly. Of course, this is easier said than done, wit without offending anyone is difficult to do. So while you’re trying to gauge the kind of clever snide you can make towards your customers, you can utilise different online techniques like informative slideshow videos or videos meant to be viral.

What you need to remember is you don’t have to jump to real-time marketing right now. You have to study your customers and see what tickles them. What do they respond to the most? Who is relevant to them in current events and pop culture? What kind of humour do they have? Once you know all of these things, then you’re ready to create real-time marketing efforts for your salon.

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