The Salon & the S Word – A Must-Read for Salon Owners and Entrepreneurs in the Service Industry

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One of the biggest misconceptions today, especially with the rise of digital marketing and online advertising strategies, is that one does not need to create a model to guide their business. That as long as you can maximize the use of a website or a social media page, you are good to go. However, people do not understand that online optimization practices are created solely to satisfy a business model.

For this reason, starting a business means doing market research, learning the ins and outs of your industry, and looking for the best people to help you achieve your business goals. This is one of the main reasons why books from different experts are important, because it contains all their experiences in all the years that they have been working in the industry.

In the salon world, one such expert you can look to for advice is Michael Vallance, author of the book titled 'The Salon & the S Word. In his book, he zooms in on all the essential 'S' words involved in the success of your salon business, some of which we will explore a bit here.


Obviously, salons are part of the service industry. What we bring to customers is more than just beauty and wellness, but also the feeling of confidence. We are more than just an indulgence, rather, we are a means to boost self esteem. And this kind of service does not start at snipping away hair or cleaning their nails; it starts once a client enters the doors to our salon. As soon as they enter our doors, every interaction and every word we say is part of the service we provide them. Michael Vallance gives out tips on these and answers fundamental questions like how we can measure good service, what to do to meet customer expectations, and how to continuously improve our business.

Sales and Selling

The first step in starting a business is always market research, and this includes knowing who your target market is and creating strategies to sell your services to them. Of course, being a salon means that our market is more broad; everyone wants to look and feel good. But beyond that, one needs to look at their returning or frequent customers and identify which demographic they belong to. From there, create marketing strategies that will entice them to come back more. Sales and selling also includes creating your own products and setting up a shop for them, and strengthening the relationship between the client and your salon.


Having a business is more than just having a special relationship with your business, it is also about creating long lasting collaborations with business partners and suppliers. Laying out your business model and having a clear business goal will help show your suppliers that you mean to have a long-term collaborative relationship with them, and this opens up opportunities such as discounts and unique deals. This is important if you are still starting up because it would not hurt your finances much.


Lastly, if you want to achieve your business goals without a hitch, you will need to employ people who will help you work towards it. Having a hard working talent pool means you will have little to no problem when it comes to bringing clients high quality service. If you can make them as passionate as you towards the business, then they will also feel like these goals are their goals to achieve as well, and will be doubly motivated to ensure the salon's success.


Michael Vallance has over 30 years of experience in the industry, both as a stylist and as an educator. With this book, 'The Salon & the S Word', he wants to share his knowledge with more people all over the world. His experiences can teach us how we can create a vision of The Salon & the S Word once we start our journey in the salon industry.

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