Salon Software Review: Zenoti

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There is nothing more vexing than investing in tools and systems that will make you work even more than bring the conveniences it promised. As salon business owners, there are lots of decisions to be made in a day, lots of people to manage, and still be able to provide a service with a smile. Anything that can unburden you of some of the tasks you manually do can help you focus more on how to improve the business better and how to grow it.

Maybe what you are looking for is software like Zenoti. Yes, not another software right? Well, the great thing about Zenoti is its ability to provide all of your needs in one neat package. Think of the software as a web, with it being in the software. Anyone from your front desk staff up to the head administrations can work together without hassle. In a stressful environment such as the service industry, one needs all the practicality and convenience they can get. And that is what the single dashboard of Zenoti offers.

Booking system

One of the basic features of Zenoti is its booking system. Now it is easier for you to see which staff can still take in clients, and on which day will it be more convenient for both to schedule the appointment. Not only that, but this Zenoti feature also makes it possible for you to do a little upselling. You can sell your customers the salon products you offer with much ease.

Easy billing and a mobile POS

Zenoti is the first software in the industry to offer a mobile point of sale that supports EMV payments. Now your customers can use credit or debit card payments by accessing the software through mobile. The best part is you swipe or tap payments even if you do not have a Wi-Fi Internet signal. You also have the option to save your customer’s card details and charge it automatically after service has been provided for them. By maximizing this feature, you can check-out faster and increase guest spend because of how convenient it is.

Marketing, operations, and reporting tools

As business owners, we want data. The numbers show us if the business has improved since we have opened it or if it still needs work. Zenoti offers custom reporting so you can get data specific to what you want to look at. For instance, if you want to manage your stocks and see how much has been sold, you can easily do so. Managing employees is also made easier with Zenoti, allowing you to get an overview of the tasks each employee undertakes every day. Zenoti also offers built-in marketing tools that will help increase rebookings and to motivate customers to spend more.

Zenoti is most especially perfect for salon owners who have multiple branches under their belt because everything is in a single cloud package that owners can easily access on a dashboard. No frills and no added hassle, that is what Zenoti promises. So when it comes to seamless software everyone in your salon can use, you can definitely bet on Zenoti to deliver.

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