Salon Software Review: Simple Spa

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In any business, there is nothing more vexing than having to deal with intricate and complicated systems and tools just to keep your establishment running. This is especially true for those in the service industry. You are already dealing with client demands and supervising the staff, you really cannot be bothered with hard to understand tools which are supposed to help you do your work in the first place.

This is where the Simple Spa tool comes in. It is known to offer an array of features but has kept the system very easy and simple to work with. The people behind SimpleSpa has experience in appointment management software and has dedicated years into taking the best features from their various installations to create the perfect tool. Their data is not just backed with experience, but the basis behind the tool is also customer-centric. So you know that your business will not just run well, it will also strengthen your relationship with your clients.

Here, let us dig deeper into what the SimpleSpa system can do for your salon business.

Easy to use booking system

What you want in a calendar booking system is something that will not take time to understand, even a minute of just learning how to book is already long. You are looking for something that is intuitive, easy to use and understand. The SimpleSpa booking system follows a step by step process, a funnel if you think about it. When you book for an appointment, instead of long forms that need to be filled out, you will only be asked a few questions.

You can book multiple appointments per client, but the system will warn you if there is overbooking involved. This does not just make sure that clients get the service they want, but your staff will not scramble to get it done because you can easily distribute the labor.

Another unique feature is the color-coding system which lets you appoint colors according to the status of an appointment. With its automatic detection, you can also view staff specialties on the calendar.

Inventory Control

One of the best things about SimpleSpa is its product and inventory control feature. You can easily record product transactions upon check-out, and the system will automatically adjust the inventory for you. You can also sell gift cards and let your clients use them with the point of sale feature. This will allow you to track the release and use of the gift card. The system will generate the gift card numbers automatically, but if you want, you can create your own numbering system.

You can also offer bundled packages with the SimpleSpa software. It can easily detect if a client has booked a service that is part of a bundled package.

The best part is you can reduce no-shows but pushing email marketing and SMS notifications through SimpleSpa. Keep improving your business with the tools and systems that remove unnecessary frills and enhances the salon experience.

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