Salon Software Review: Rocqup

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When we are looking for tools to use for our salon business, we want something that will make it easy for us to provide high-quality service to our clients. Because of this, we usually end up using systems that provide us an all-in-one dashboard. Imagine being able to look out the week’s profits, the staff schedules, and the product inventory in just one click of a tab. Now that is a tool that is practical and efficient, from a business owner standpoint.

However, we have never really thought of looking for a system that is focused on the customer. Allowing them to manipulate the tool to fit their needs. It is like giving the reins to your customers, letting them dictate what direction you should be taking so that you can serve them better.

Well, one such tool exists and it is called, Rocup. Here we will talk about its features and why putting your business in the hands of the customers from time to time is not a bad thing.

Convenient app for customers

The Rocqup app is available on the Apple Store, the Google Play store, and on the desktop for free. This is Melbourne’s one-stop marketplace, where all of the health and beauty providers are presented to customers looking to be pampered.

Search establishments and compare prices

Rocqup has made it easy for customers to look for the perfect health and beauty service providers in the Melbourne area. It has rounded up partner establishments so that you can have lots of places to choose from. Not to mention the ability to compare the prices of each establishment, so you know which one will fit your budget.

Salon booking is available 24/7

Customers do not need to wait for the salon’s opening hours to book an appointment, they can do it on their own by accessing the application. They can also see the available slots on the salon calendar so they can adjust their appointment accordingly.

No booking fees required

When we book a hotel room, for instance, we always worry about paying the nonrefundable prepayment fees. In terms of expenditure, it is such a huge commitment, because what if you have last-minute plans? Well, it is a good thing the scenario is different for salons. With Rocqup, you will never pay a booking fee. You can schedule services from health and beauty providers as much as you want without worrying about additional costs.

Leave reviews

One of the best things about the Internet age is we can be confident about the choices we make. Right now, we can decide to celebrate an anniversary in a restaurant we have not tried before just based on the reviews people have left about it. Rocqup also lets customers leave reviews and ratings on all its health and beauty partners. You can be sure to find the best service using the Rocqup review system.

The great thing about allowing your customers to lead you just by simply giving them access to your schedule and by allowing them to leave reviews is that it shows that you are confident about the services you will be providing them. Allow your customers and potential clients to see that high-quality service does not just start and end when they visit your salon, you can also provide online as well.

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