Salon Software Review: Insight Management Software

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If you own a salon business, you know that by the end of the day, you’re going to fall on that bed and sleep like nobody’s business. Being in the service industry, in general, does that to you. You need to fulfill client demands which are sometimes impossible to accomplish, you will have to manage the staff, and you still need to worry about the back-end and administrative work. Yes, you can delegate these tasks, but you’re an overall manager; you need to make sure that everything reported to you is accurate.

But there’s good news! You wouldn’t have to pull out your hair and worry about fitting all those tasks in one day because Insight Management Software is here to help. It is a virtual assistant that allows you a view of your business on a handy dashboard. It also acts as your business coach, offering innovative tools that will help you manage your employees, maximize marketing tools, and receive extensive business reports.

In this article, we will explore the features of Insight Management Software and see how it can help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

Booking system

This tool gives you a quick glance at all the scheduled appointments. Not to mention making it easy for you to book different client sessions and assign them to any of your staff. You can assign color codes per service you offer so you can track the jobs your staff is taking in. The Insight Management Software also allows you to confirm appointments by sending SMS messages or emails to the clients. This will help you reduce the no-shows and fix your schedule accordingly.

Sales management

You will be able to optimize your sales revenue by offering packages your customers can avail of. Insight Management Software offers a pricing grid so you can charge based on employee skills and experience on the services you are providing. You will also be able to keep track of the products you are selling through an inventory management feature. Furthermore, you can immediately see if the salon needs to replenish products soon.

Marketing tools

With Insight Management Software, you can offer rewards and loyalty points to customers who visit multiple times. In this way, you can strengthen the relationship that you have with your existing customers and be able to entice new ones. You can also track important events your customers have celebrated like birthdays and anniversaries and be able to push SMS messages and email campaigns targeting them.

You will also benefit from tried and tested tips that Insight Management Software releases through blogs and newsletters. These are marketing tips that will definitely boost your salon’s sales.

Point of Sale

You can release invoices from the appointment system and be able to update both the client history and product inventory almost immediately. Additionally, you can accept multiple payment methods in one invoice, track discounts, and edit or cancel sales.

If you are looking for software that can do it all, Insight Management Software is your best choice. Study these features and see if it fits your company profile.

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