Salon Software Review: Belliata

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It is difficult to get into a business blind. We should have advisors, mentors, knowledge, and tools so that we know what to expect and what we should do to keep the business afloat. The same is true for opening a salon; one of the riskier service businesses to open up. This is why there are countless salon software available out there, to help owners manage their business properly and to help them make fair decisions about the direction they are going.

One such tool is the salon software made by Belliata. Here we will give you a rundown of its features and show you the benefits that can be gained from them.

Revenue Reporting and Salon Management

One of the first things we need to figure out as a salon business owner is how we are going to manage both our staff, our customers, and the revenue that is streaming in. Multitasking is an expected consequence of starting a business; however, that does not mean things should not be convenient for you as the overseer. It is a good thing Belliata has features that will enable you to see client bookings and revenue reporting on one dashboard.

Through these features, you can see which customers are loyal and create promos geared towards retaining and strengthening your relationship with them. You can also get reports that show which staff has the most bookings and how much the salon is making overall. Additionally, the salon point of sale feature allows you to check on your salon products by doing an inventory and staff commissions.

Staff Scheduling and Appointment Reminders

Another scheduling feature is the appointment reminder. This aims to Tim reduce no-show clients by sending them a message about their appointment. Clients can easily reschedule if they will not be available at their designated time, which means you can offer that time slot to another client.

Online Booking and Customer Feedback

Not only can you check on customer appointments, but your customers themselves can reserve a timeslot anytime and anywhere. Belliata offers an online booking system for your website or for your Facebook page. You can also push customer surveys their way so that you can improve the business for them even more.

These are the benefits of getting Belliata as your salon software. Review the features and make sure they fit the needs of your salon business like a glove.

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