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In the beauty and wellness industry, a big hurdle entrepreneurs need to jump over is getting traction. Given the increasing trend of online purchases, key to this is having a visible presence in the online space. People need to get to know your brand and business better. But while the slow progress is steady, you cannot help but feel like you are missing out on a potential pool of customers if you wait any longer.

This is where Beauwery comes in. Started by Samuel Dang a trained actuary, Prashanth Gopinath an engineer and Galvin Soosay Nathan a former lawyer, Beauwery provides salons with free cloud based salon management and a beauty listing website which helps you reign in more customers. Early adopters of the Beauwery service include big names in the Manila fashion scene such as Jing Monis, Salon de Manila, Jesi Mendez and Nail Spa.

About Beauwery

beauwery salon

Marty Lim and Samuel Dang

Beauwery is an online service provider that allows customers to book appointments with salons in Metro Manila. All they need to do is to choose which salon they want to get their service from, book their preferred schedule, and pay for the service provided. As Samuel puts it, “The best part is customers can make bookings instantly at any time of the day, and get rewarded with “Beauwery Reward Points” for every booking”.

Listing with Beauwery gives salons an extended marketing reach that which helps expand a salons customers base. Remember that hurdle you need to jump over when you are a newly opened business? Well, this is one of the ways to jump over it. You also get analytics from Beauwery which helps you target customers better or improve on.

Data from the booking system

All customers need to do is to choose a salon, schedule a date and time, specify the type of service they want and

beauwery salon

Prashanth Gopinath and Galvin Soosay Nathan.

which stylist they prefer, and then pay for the booking through a trusted payment processor.

Ever the meticulous engineer, Prashanth notes that an added benefit for salon owners is you have data on which services seem to be booked frequently, which stylist or therapist people prefer, and the day and time your business attracts a crowd. You can then create campaigns using the data on hand. For instance, if a keratin is booked more frequently than some of your other services like a manicure, maybe you can create bundle with those two services included.

The best part is Beauwery also records walk in bookings, not just those made online, so your schedule is updated in real time.

Beauwery reward points

These work like loyalty points, basically. Customers are given points for every booking made in which 3-5% of the total amount booked through Beauwery is converted to redeemable points. You can use the points as rebate for future bookings. Each Beauwery reward point is equal to PhP 1.00

Whether you are an established brand looking to expand your online presence or a fledgling salon trying to make your way to the top listing with Beauwery is a way to get increased attention and bookings. As Galvin is quick to point out, there is no potential downside to a salon listing with Beauwery as the base offering does not require a paid subscription.

So do not let being a newly opened business limit your potential. List your salon with Beauwery and maximise the chances that come with being a Beauwery Merchant Partner.

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