Salon Decoration Ideas to Enhance the Client Experience

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When it comes to starting a salon business, one should not just focus on the services and the marketing ideas they need to execute. A  salon owner should also think about their decoration, which means paint colour, chairs, and even the potted plants!

Some people would just shrug this off, but that’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The vibe salons should be going for are inviting, casual, and comfortable. The moment a salon feels like any kind of business, no matter how good your service is, you won’t be on top of a customer’s mind. This means you should avoid being generic, robotic, and boring.

Don’t know how you can achieve the cool and casual look? Here are some tips.

Avoid dark colours

Unless choosing a dark colour is completely necessary because of your branding, then you should try to avoid it. Natural and light colours are not just inviting, but it will also make your salon look bigger than it is and very airy. Dark colours have a tendency to compress a space, and it can be a bit suffocating. But if your branding colours include a dark shade, make sure you use it as little as possible when painting your salon.

Put the Wi-Fi password on at the reception

Nowadays, if you’re not offering Wi-Fi, people will think twice about going in. Make sure your customers know that they won’t need to use their data in your salon by putting the password in the reception area. Or, if you want to avoid people from other establishments leeching off of your Wi-Fi, give your customers strips of paper with the password as soon as they buy a service.

Don’t hesitate to put quirky designs

Have you always wanted pop art to be put up on your wall? Then go do it! The best way to make a mark with customers is to be unique. And what better way to do it than by using unique and kooky designs. Yes, you will still have to work on the branding colours because, of course, decorations have to mesh perfectly together. But if you find a funny frame or a wacky fixture, definitely make use of it.

Coffee or tea station

Salon owners hesitate to put a coffee or tea station because they think their customers might not like preparing the drinks themselves. But actually, they do because they know their own tastes. You can always offer to make it for them first, and then tell them that if they want more, they can help themselves with the coffee or tea. Customers want to be asked first, but if you give them an option to do it themselves, they would definitely choose their own drink.

Have a daily positive message posted

Once you enter the salon, what’s the first thing customers see? Make sure to put a board there where you can write daily positive messages for good vibes.

You might think that with these suggestions, we’re telling you to turn your salon into a hipster establishment. We’re not. These days, if your business doesn’t have anything unique about them, nothing that can help customers recall your establishment, you won’t make it. And with the countless salons that are open today, you will struggle if you don’t go with the tides. Right now, having fun gimmicks and cold brew coffee will do the trick, so make sure you’re one of the salon’s customers will remember for a long time.

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