Reasons Why Salon Reviews are Marketing Dynamite and How to Get Them

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The Internet age did not just make information accessible and to us, it also gave us a tool for getting our opinions and thoughts out there easily. Before comments sections or review sites were a thing, we use to ask managers for comment cards and fill them out as detailed as we possibly can. Not only was it tedious, but the only person who is going to read all of that is the establishment you are trying to review.

As a business in the beauty and wellness industry, reviews are your lifeblood. Not only will it help you craft better salon marketing ideas or improve your services, but it will also help other people choose which establishment they should go to. And if you are confident in the quality of your services, then you should be encouraging reviews.

In this article, we will talk about how reviews can help your business and how to urge happy customers to write them.

Benefits from reviews

Promotes your business and improves trust in your brand

In a survey featured on BrightLocal, they said 72% of people would trust an establishment more if they see positive reviews. They also said that 88% would trust online reviews more than personal recommendation. This just shows the power of online reviews. It holds so much influence that they trust the opinions of many strangers online than their relatives or friends.

With this in mind, make sure that your social media page or your website is able to highlight positive reviews. Not only will this increase people’s trust in the quality of your service, but it will also help promote your business online.

Increases your online ranking

Remember that Google also takes reviews into consideration when they are ranking pages, so you definitely need lots of reviews and choose the best ones to feature on your pages.

Become a top-of-mind brand

Online reviews work like referrals, the more you have it, the better chances you have at achieving top-of-mind. When you are encouraging people to writer reviews for you, ask them to specify the services that they got and to describe their experience in detail. Believe us when we say that experiential reviews have more effect than a simple “they did a good job.”

How to highlight positive reviews

Ask them about their experience

You can be straightforward and ask them to write reviews on your website or your social media page. But if you want to make sure that you are able to provide good service worth commending, approach them first. Ask them how their experience was and if the service was beyond what they expected. When they tell you they are satisfied with your work, ask them if they could write a review about their experiences.

Do not hesitate to moderate reviews

Some people might think it is bad practice to highlight only positive reviews and then bury or delete bad reviews, but that is just a marketing strategy. Especially if the amount of good reviews trumps the bad reviews, of course you want to highlight positive comments. So do not hesitate to moderate reviews.

Reviews are a powerful marketing tool, it is wise to take advantage of it especially if you provide top quality service.

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