Reasons Why Canvas Prints are the Perfect Way to Personalize your Salon Walls

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When it comes to designing our homes, we are always hesitant to put up big pictures and prints on our walls. Mainly because it might not jive well with your chosen aesthetic. The same is true for designing our salons. We might love to have a blow of stock photos for beauty on our walls, but some of the really good shots might not blend well with the interior design.

Such is the dilemma, which is why we have avoided using canvas prints on our walls. But in this article, we will give you tips on to get around aesthetic problems and why you should not be intimidated by canvas prints.

Tips on Choosing the Best Canvas Prints For Your Salon

  • Remove personal taste

Admit it, when you are choosing prints, your personal taste gets in the way of choosing the perfect one for your salon wall. While your preference is a good starting point, you should always think about the overall design of your salon as the primary basis for choosing a print. We have mentioned before that there are beautiful shots that you cannot use because it will not look good on your chosen aesthetic — but remember that “beautiful shot” is highly relative. The best way to go around it is to slowly take your personal taste away when choosing prints.

  • Print out the picture and hold them up on your wall

Once you have gotten over choosing prints based on your taste and not on the salon’s aesthetic, the next step is to print out. Just a small version would do, and then hold it up on your walls. In fact, if you can, try to keep it there for a week and see if the print matches the salon’s interior design. This includes the wall paint used, the lighting, the furnishings, and so on.

  • Pick one or two prints only

When your trial is done, pick only one or two prints to hang on your salon walls. The key to maximising the use of canvas prints is not to overdo it. Choose the best place for it to hang, preferably, a very blank wall space so that the canvas print does not have competition when it comes to getting people’s attention.

Do not worry about not being able to use some of the prints that looked good on your wall, you can always change the prints hanging on the wall every few months.

Reasons Why You Should Use Canvas Prints

  • It brings out personality and texture

We always read design articles saying that we should bring personality and texture to a room. This is doubly important for a salon because some treatments take hours to finish, and a boring salon will make a customer squirm and rush to get it over with. Part of the appeal of canvas prints is that it livens up a place, it gives it a fun vibe.

So other than your coffee machine or your TV screens, hang canvas prints so that your customers have something to admire.

Additionally, you can even make a collage of scenes on a really bare wallscape. Yes, it defeats the “only hang one or two prints” simultaneously, but the key to a collage is printing relatively small-sized photos. You can have a theme for each collage you make so that there is variety.

  • A great way to showcase unique hair styles

Sometimes, you do not even need to look for prints on the Internet, you can use your own photos to design your salon. If you want to highlight a hairdo that your salon specialises in, schedule a photoshoot and use the best ones as your canvas print. When doing a photoshoot, make sure that you have a concept idea in mind that can support the look that you want to highlight.

Canvas prints are definitely the perfect way to keep your salon looking unique and memorable. So choose good shots, whether it is from stock photos for beauty or from your own photo archives, and decorate your salon with well-thought-out images that will highlight your services.

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