Promoting Your Salon: Tips for Salon Marketing

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If you walk along a busy street, one that is filled with countless establishments, you will probably see 2 or 3 salons vying for people’s attention. They have tried it all, from brochures to huge posters, and yet we still have that one salon we always prefer going to.

Salon marketing, in terms of how it affects people’s top-of-mind awareness, is challenging. Customers are very particular about the kind of treatment they get for their hair and nails so they will always stick to one salon; how can new salon owners compete with that? Yes, being able to deliver good haircuts will give you a pat on the back, but that does not really equate to new customers. But there are other ways in which you can build a relationship with your customers, create a branding identity, and eventually retain clients.

Here we have a simple salon marketing guide to help you build loyalty through proper and effective salon marketing.

Salon Marketing Tip#1: Maximize the use of social media

There’s always going to be people to cater to, this is a fact a lot of business owners should remember. They might have seen your posters or probably know someone who had their haircut done in your salon, but that will not send you new customers. Utilize social media and keep posting photos of new haircuts, client testimonials, and offerings on your page. A Facebook business page is a good place to start before branching out to other social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Salon Marketing Tip#2: Work with photographers

You do not have to partner up with big-name photographers, start small and contact indie or local photographers who are in need of stylists for their models. They are usually working towards building their portfolio, and working with them will not only be a marketing technique, but it will also show fans of those photographers what kinds of style you can pull off.

Salon Marketing Tip#3: Create a website

These days, the marketing playing field is the Internet, specifically, search engines. When people make queries on Google, it is usually the first 5 results they trust. Now you might have social media pages, but that might not cut it in terms of visibility on search engines. Make sure your salon is one of the 5 results by creating a website and optimizing it properly for search engines. Do not worry about technicalities because of there specialists who can help you figure out how to do it.

The information on your website should not be exclusively about the services you offer, its prices, and promotions. It should also be about hair tips your customers can do on their own, maybe the hottest nail colors available out there. Treat this as both your business website and your blog, you will surely rank on search engines now.

When it comes to salon marketing, all you really need to do is to continue delivering top-notch service and knowing the latest trends in brand marketing. With a little elbow grease and time dedicated to studying, you will surely come out on top.

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