Major Reduction on our Prices and Free Space for Salon Stories!

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At Bound for Style, we offer salon owners and beauty lovers amazing high-quality photos available for download on our website. If you need to give your beauty website that needed look, we have your exact desire. When it comes to beauty, pictures tell the story and that’s what we do for you. Using photography, we help you tell your story and have them printed anywhere.
A hair salon or beauty shop shouldn’t be drab and boring. Every inch of it should reflect beauty and the true creativity of artists. Our high-end photos can be pasted on your salon walls, they can also be used as home decor and can be printed on objects such as phone cases. With over 20 years experience, we have realized the importance of people being moved and attracted by what they see. Hairdressers, stylists and makeup artists can find downloadable pictures perfect to decorate their shops and salon walls. Makeup artists can build a great portfolio from our diverse library. We have multiple collections so you might want to check for your area of specialization. People need to see your work, and pictures are the perfect way to get it to them. You can find what you need on all at really affordable prices. We help you put your creativity and talent on colored print.
We specialize in the printing and framing of wall art using high quality materials that ranges from canvas and metal to poster and acrylic. Looking for images to print on your home cases, stationery and other items, we have got it!

Major reduction on our prices

We will like to inform you about the recent price change on our products. There is a major reduction on our prices and we believe everyone can find something that suits them. This reduction is soothed to provide very affordable rates to our customers and prospective customers alike. Our products are from our photographers and contributors and we offer you the license to use them at really affordable prices.
As a welcome offer, you get a 20% discount on your first order after you sign up. You also do not have to pay additional fees (royalty fees) after paying the initial licensing fee. You simply input a search word for what you need, pay for the license which gives you exclusive right to use the files in websites, blogs and other features.
As a plus, our work is very accessible. People can find exactly what they need at no inconvenience at all. Our clients, especially love the fact that our items are easily downloadable and are of great quality. We categorize our work so whatever your area of specialization, you can find it easily. Beauty shop owners and makeup artists have enjoyed telling their stories and advertising their services. Read on to find out about this Free Offer.

Good News- Free Space for you Salon Stories

An amazing offer is available for salon owners to advertise their story and services at absolutely no cost on our blog
Let others learn about what you do. Tell your story, connect with your clients and customers, get them to delve into your world and find a reason to contact you. This is a free offer and we hope you will take maximum advantage of it.
We generate a lot of traffic, you might just find your clients browsing through. Get to write a personal story about your beauty shop and get to generate the interest of prospective customers. Many people browse on the net looking for that which suits them. In the midst of all the crowd, it can get really confusing and really difficult to locate you. Our offer for free advertising brings you closer to them. Our website content is arranged in sections and categories so clients will have no difficulties locating you. Use our free advertising offer and watch your work generate the publicity it really deserves.For submissions, please email We reply as soon as we can.

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