Keeping your Cool – How to Handle Conflict in your Salon Business

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Butting heads with someone in the workplace is inevitable. Whether or not passions and emotions make the conflict an intense situation for everyone in the office, it is always important to nip it in the bud as soon as it happens.

In the service industry, these things happen almost on a daily basis between staff members, sometimes even with customers. And this most especially happens in salons.  Let me tell, potential clients can get wind of conflicts in your salon that get worse because the people involved are unable to apologize for their own faults, and no amount of salon marketing can stoke that fire.

Learning how to deal with conflicts is one of the steps in properly managing a business. Here we list down some of the ways you can handle disagreements on your salon.

Resolve the disagreements between staff in a friendly way

Clients know if something is wrong with the staff. They may not have an idea about how the conflict has started or how deep in emotions the people involved are in, but they can feel it. One of the best things to do once you are told something is wrong, immediately call for the staff involved and talk to them. Yes, you are managers and you can probably tell them to put it aside and get their heads in the job, but that will just make it worse. Do not let bad emotions stew for too long, talk to them and aim to resolve it in a friendly way.

Get involved with your staff

It is not enough that you interfere whenever there is conflict, you should be able to know what is going on with your staff before something blows up. Holding staff meetings will be one of the ways for you to know how your staff is doing. In fact, you can even hold one-on-one meetings with them so that they will not filter their concerns. You should know what motivates each of them and how you can better their experience. Ask them if they need help with anything or if something is bothering them. Knowing these things and making actionable items to meet their needs is one way to minimize disagreements.

Create rules and guidelines

It is important to always keep a positive attitude by building an environment where everyone respects and collaborates with each other. You can do this by creating a set of values that are important to your team. In fact, you can get them involved in the process of making it so that you share one common vision. This is not just about avoiding fights, but this is also about allowing everyone in your business to grow.

Create guidelines for you they treat each other, how customers are treated, and how service is rendered to make sure standards remain high. This will ensure that everyone in the group is on the same page and will help each other reach the goals they have set out to achieve.

Prepare yourself to fire those who refuse to be a team player

As a manager, you will meet staff members who will have a hard time adapting to the culture your team has created, but most of the time, they get to join in perfectly. But on rare times when a staff member is stubborn and would not budge even if you have talked to them, there might come a time when you need to fire them. An uncollaborative staff member might cause trouble, and problems you might find hard to resolve. When this happens, you may not have a choice but to swing the axe and fire them.

What is important is to build a culture that hinges on respect and a positive attitude. Without these, you will have incessant problems with your business and staff. It starts with you and how you can motivate them to do the same.

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