How to Get the Right Salon Receptionist to Make You Money

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A receptionist’s responsibility is not just welcoming customers into the store. Part of their job is to make sure that the POS systems are all online, the customers are having a great time, and that they are able to promote your products.

For a salon business such as yours, having a receptionist is very important because they are the first people your potential patrons will meet. If they find that the receptionist’s attitude is not satisfactory, sometimes even rude, then they can probably will not come back. However, if your receptionist shows great care towards customers and build excellent rapport with the other employees, then they will likely make you more money.

Yes, receptionists have an effect on how much your salon will earn. So it is not just about executing salon marketing ideas; the success of your business relies on the people you hire as well. Because it’s difficult to know if a person is perfect to be a salon receptionist, we have created a guide on how to gauge whether a person’s attitude and work ethic is fit for you.

Be specific with who you’re looking for in your advert

Before you even get to the interview, make sure that the scope of the job, as well as the work ethics and attitude you are looking for are clearly stated on your job proposal or advert. There are job seekers who do look at what employers want to hire and would evaluate themselves even before they decide to come in for an interview. You do not need to put your business culture on the advert, just attitudes and work expectations would do; then provide a link to your website.

However, do not forget to sell your salon as a stepping stone. You are not just looking for a receptionist, you want someone who will take the job seriously and will treat it as a career. And if you are offering trainings, you can mention that as well.

Identify where your receptionist can help in the salon

Because their responsibilities do not just include welcoming customers, you need to understand how else your receptionist can help you earn. One of the ways they can make sure the salon is earning is in how they organise the appointments. There should not be a gap that lasts for more than 10 minutes in your salon. Long gaps will lose you significant revenue because that could have been filled by a client. So make sure you hire someone who has good organisation skills, especially when it comes to scheduling appointments.

Another way your receptionist can help you earn is by talking to customers and selling them your products. Salons usually carry original concoctions or products from brands such as L’Oreal and Kerastase. There is a significant percentage of the profit that comes from selling the products, especially from customers who are repeat buyers.

When you interview a potential receptionist, find skills that can fulfill these tasks, and you will not have a problem with earning with their help.

Find someone who can build excellent rapport

Your potential receptionist should not just build rapport with their fellow employees. They should be able to do the same with customers. And this goes beyond smiling at them when they enter the salon. Receptionist can convince customers to rebook just by simply having a conversation with them and treating them like friends.

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