Father’s Day: 5 Salon Marketing Tips for Local Salon or Barber Shops

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Women should not be the only target market of the beauty industry. Men get their haircuts, too, and occasionally, they also get their nails done. Right now, if you ask barbershops how many of their customers come back to get serviced again, they will always say that at least 90-95% of their customers are returnees. If you have a salon business, that is what you should be aiming for.

With father’s day coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to target their demographic and ask what makes local barbershops so good at retaining customers. In this article, we will talk about the strategies employed by local barbershops and salon marketing tips you can use for Father’s day.

Signs that catch the attention

You ever wonder why barbershops make use of flashing, blinking signs? It is simply because it catches the attention. When it comes to grooming, it is harder to target men simply because some of them do not get serviced as much as women do. So tactics like blinking signs or huge signs with cool typographies can do the trick.

Now, this is not to say that you should change the sign on your salon, but one way to employ this tactic to your business is to use it for designing posters and online marketing material. If you must put up another sign on your salon, it does not need blinking lights, instead make sure the graphics catches the attention.

Greet customers

Of course you are going to greet the customers, right? But what we are talking about here is greeting them as they come in, and everyone should do it. You can see this being employed in hotels mostly. Once the door is opened, they welcome the person by stopping what they are doing, looking up, and greeting the customer. And if you come to barbershops, most of them are doing this as well. A friendly greeting makes for a very good impression, sometimes it is the only thing that makes people want to come back for more.

Extra service

You will notice that after a barber finishes a cut, they will proceed with massaging the neck, back, and head of the customer. This is an example of an extra service local barber shops employ when servicing a customer. It is not a paid massage, nor was it a requested service. As soon as the cut is done, they will ask the customer if it is okay to massage them. Again, you do not need to use the same tactic, you can just ask our customer if they want you to put product on their hair or if they want it styled in a certain way. But providing something the exceeds the service your customer has asked for will definitely be appreciated.

Ask if the service is going well

Sometimes, customers know what they want but cannot explain it well. What you can do is go forward with the instructions they have given, no matter how vague, and then ask them questions during the service. For instance, before you cut a chunk of hair, ask if the length you are about to cut is fine.

Treat both customers and non-customers well

The problem with businesses that have existed for quite a long time is the treatment to customers changes over time. Instances like a customer waiting for a very long time and staff has not approached them happens a lot. This is something you should be conscious of; no matter how successful you become, always improve customer treatment so that customers know that they can expect only great things from your business.

Additionally, treat their companions well. Some customers have kids or friends accompanying them, and you should always treat them as if they are your customers. Offer magazines or water if that is something that you provide for other people as well.

These are just some of the strategies local barber shops use to retain a significant number of customers. You would notice that these are all mostly simple, offline techniques. Well, sometimes it is this simplicity that rakes in more patrons, especially with the male demographic. Hopefully, you can use some of these tips in time for father’s day.

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