Effective Salon Promotions and Loyalty Programs

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One of the biggest challenges of opening a salon business is looking for salon marketing ideas that will keep the business going. Tools and techniques that will help you not only manage your inventory and your employees but to increase your salon’s brand and identity retention among existing clients. Through effective marketing strategies, you will be able to rake in a lot of potential clients and convince them to be loyal to your business.

Ultimately, that is the goal, right? Businesses, regardless of their nature, are gunning to be top-of-mind; and it is especially true for the health, wellness, and lifestyle industry where the competition is pretty stiff. But do you know what effective technique always brings positive results? Loyalty Programs and Promos.

In this article, we will talk about effective promotional campaigns you can run and ways to start a loyalty program so that you can increase brand retention and attract more clients.

Consider adding extra treatments

When a client gets a hot oil treatment, for instance, there is a long waiting time before the treatment sets and can be washed off. During their waiting time, you could have given them a massage or a manicure-pedicure combo. Yes, it would be a complimentary service, but if the results are far more than they have expected, chances are, they will get the same treatment during their next visit. So why not consider offering small complementary services to add value to their visit. If they love your work enough, they will keep paying for it visit after visit.

Reward referrals

There is nothing like the Word of Mouth marketing. If there is one thing we have learned from the Internet, it is that people will listen to other people, especially if the general opinion is that they like your brand. So think about what rewards you can give your clients who introduce their family and friends to your salon. You can opt for a promo for your client and their friend, or you can offer loyalty points. You can even decide if you are going to give the new client loyalty points just for taking the time to try your service.

Pay 2, Get 1 Free promo

Have you ever looked at those Buy 1 Take 1 product in the mall and thought of purchasing 5 just because you are going to get 5 more for free? It is a sweet deal, not to mention affordable. Well, you can also do this with salon services. Do not worry about profit loss because there is a way to make sure you are not on the short end of the stick on this deal. You can do this simply by offering the cheapest option as the free item. For instance, if the client wants a shampoo, a keratin treatment, and a haircut, where the shampoo is the cheapest, you can offer that for free.

Create a buzz for your slow days

There will always be slow days for any business. For this one, you can choose a day that you think could be busier and create a buzz for it. A buzz could be doubling the loyalty points that they can get if they come in for a treatment on that day, or giving them small freebies. You can give away stuff by putting random lotions or creams in a jar and letting them pick one blindly.

Event promos

For event promos, one of the things you can do is offer your VIP clients rewards or complimentary services during their birthday. As loyal members, you have a database of their information, and you can use this by giving them something special. Another way is offering special treatments for celebrations like Valentine’s Day or even Christmas.

Remember that rather than offering discounts, you should be offering value, and you can do this through rewards and loyalty perks. Try out these promo techniques and you will surely retain and attract lots of clients. Good luck!

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