Decorate your Hair Salon to Exude Warmth and Personality

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Are you looking for a professional beauty photographer to decorate your salon hairstyle gallery? If yes, you must concentrate on the resolution, image size and printing. In this digital world, the physical photos printing are now a lost art.

Photos add warmth and personality to a room, regardless of the image size you wish to print. However, the options of custom printing offer a creative freedom bringing life to digital images. Despite the fact that you are printing for a wall photo, frame or a gift, knowing the photo print sizes is important to understand how they may affect the printed image.

Why size is important

Printing an image is based on the pixels per inch. It means your printer needs certain pixels to render a print with smooth color transitions and good looks. The ppi value ranges from 150 to 300ppi, while magazines of high-end consider 1200ppi.

There are different sizes of photos right from Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL.
• Small ranges @300dpi- 4.5cm x 3 cm with resolution of 532 x 354pixels
• Medium is @300 dpi- 17.3cm x 11.5cm with resolution 2048x1363pixels
• Large is @300 dpi- 34.7cmx 23.1cm with resolution 4100 x 2728 pixels
• XL is @ 300dpi- 34.9cm x 23.2 cm with resolution 4126 x 2745 pixels
• 2XL is @ 300 dpi- 39.4cm x 26.2cm with resolution 4659 x 3100 pixels

This means if you wish to have an image at 300 ppi in 4 x 6 inches, you must have at least 4 x 300= 1200 pixels in the short side and on the long side it should be 6 x 300 =1800 pixels. Thus the size should be 1200 x1800 pixels in size.

As you crop a size for printing an image, you need to know the ppi image. There are many applications such as Photoshop to crop an image to get to a fixed resolution and size and this is done when you put the right value in the tool options bar so that the crop tool gets exactly selected. In case the image is smaller in comparison to the typed dimension, by default the image will get enlarged. Generally it is not recommended to enlarge images, when the image is almost to the required size. Though, a slight enlarging will not cause much quality loss.
The size factor also depends on your intention to use the image.

Small: A good choice for mobile and web uses including ads, blogs and websites.
Medium: An ideal choice for bigger web use featuring background images.
Large: Appropriate for all needs, such as prints of full page or any type of digital or web usage. 
XL: Suitable for huge displays in digital covering a huge event place.
2XL: Good for huge blowups, posters, canvases

You may combine different sizes to make a wall gallery piece or keep it as one large image. Check for beauty shop decorating ideas.

The 4×6 prints are regarded as the standard size and are perfect for cards, framed photos and also as physical backup of your digital images.

The next is 5 x7 prints a bit higher than standard. Cropping the specifications is important and you can control the image in the frame.

The largest is 8 x 10 images and this is appropriate for panoramas, posters, canvases, square images or large matted prints. They need no matting to fill the frame.

Small photos are ideal for decorating as they add depth and texture to photo wall display. Square photos are great as Polaroid style images. However, the square print sizes of photos that are popular are: 5×5, 10×10 and so on.

The large sizes of photos are as 10 x 13, 10 x 20, 11x 14, 16 x 20, and so on. These are large statement pieces suitable for large canvases or wall art helping in creating cherished images and they fit the standard frames.


• Always keep the print a bit smaller than the frame so that you can included matted insert adding white border.
• Do not upload smaller than 600 px product images as larger images of product offer best results. Keep product images to 1000 px.
• Set an image size offering product detail pages and grid view. This will offer a professional touch.
• Upload images of one or two products, before finalizing the product images size so that you can ascertain the image size preferred and it should look appropriate.

Adding wall murals in beauty salons is a beautiful way of brand extension. The decor of the salon should set your business tone, modern and edgy or family-friendly and traditional. Even high quality wall art decor lets your clients inform that they can expect and experience to have a good feel.

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