Benefits of Having Beauty Wall Art for your Salon

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There can never be too many opportunities to enjoy art. Hanging our favourite pieces at home or at work makes a whole lot of difference to the overall vibe of the place. For instance, what some might call a boring office can become lively with a couple of colourful paintings. The same is true for salons, in fact, there is a style of wall art decoration named after them, aptly named ‘salon-style hanging.’

What is salon-style hanging?

The idea behind salon-style hanging is basically grouping art pieces together. If you have printed out  highend beauty photo collection   styles or art pieces that have been collecting dust in the back room, this is your chance to display them. Lay it all out on the floor and see how each piece can fit together. Then when you are satisfied, that is when you can start banging hammer and nail on the wall.

There are no rules as to how you will arrange the pieces. You can work with colour combinations or image transitions, you may even choose a theme for each wall where you will hang them. Just remember that it also has to mesh well with the overall design of your salon. Which means taking into consideration the paint colour of the walls and the furniture.

Benefits of Having Wall Art

Attract new customers

Let’s face it, there are too many salons in your neighbourhood. It’s one of the most lucrative businesses especially if you’ve established yourself as an expert in the beauty industry. But that wouldn’t exactly mean anything if you have nothing to show for it. This is why there are salons who invest in purchasing stock photos or scheduling their own photoshoot sessions which will highlight different hairstyles.

Note that you don’t actually have to offer the styles shown on the art pieces. Think of it as one of those cake displays in France: a salon-style wall art is meant to entice.

Shows how unique your salon can be

You can make a statement through your wall art without even knowing it. If you choose the theme and the art pieces that will go up your wall carefully, you would be able to show your customers what kind of salon you are. The more colourful wall art may show that your stylists are not afraid to suggest eccentric choices for hair dyes, for instance. A black and white theme with eye-catching images on them may show that you have a preference for classic hollywood looks, but are still able to give it a bit of the modern touch.

It’s simply good for the eyes

There is nothing more boring than sitting in a salon that looks bland. Your potted plants or your piles of magazines are useless if everything else is decorated without taste. Remember that it isn’t just because of your stylists, majority of the time, customers go to their preferred salons because of its vibe. If yours look plain, it won’t matter if you have the most talented stylists in the world.

Salon-style wall art is the perfect way to show your customer that you don’t just style their hairs for fun, for profit, or for recognition. You do it because it is art, because they know how to make you feel and look good with just a few snips of the scissors. Go on and look over stock photos, paintings, or even your Instagram gallery; then choose photos which can highlight your talent.

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