7 Ways to Maximize Your Salon’s Instagram

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Social media has become an integral part of a business’ success. It is a tool that allows owners to reach out to their target market without any hitches. You can just post a message or a photo, share it to the world, and wait for your clients to share their thoughts.

Facebook and Twitter are also cost-effective and easy ways to get the attention of potential clients. Indeed, if you have not invested time and effort in strengthening your social media strategies and reach, you are definitely missing out on a huge pool of future clients.

When you are a salon owner however, you should not just focus on these two social networks. Time must be devoted to Instagram, as well. This network will allow you to post photos and videos of what your salon can offer. People are very particular about what is being done to their hair and skin, and so making sure that you craft salon marketing ideas that will maximise the use of Instagram is pertinent.

Use hashtags profusely

The great thing about Instagram is there are no limits to how many hashtags you can use. In fact, it is more suspect if you do not use any. You can look for popular hashtags that are related to beauty and wellness. If you type in a hashtag that you think is popular, Instagram lets you know how many posts it appears in. Once you have gained enough clients and audience, you can create your own hashtag like your salon name or your catchphrase.

Don’t be afraid to tag other accounts

This is another way of reaching out to a different pool of audiences — you can tag other Instagram account to let them know that you have posted a photo that is relevant to them. You can do this with clients, influencers you have invited to try your service, and brands of products that you used to achieve a hairstyle. More often than not, those accounts will repost your photo allowing you to be visible to a new audience.

Post consistently

The trick to Instagram is posting photos consistently. You can start posting one or two pictures a day if you are just starting to get the hang of it. Afterwards, you can choose to post at least five a day; but make sure you post photos at different times. Moreover, it would be advisable not to go beyond the five photos a day since it might flood people’s feed. Make sure these are high quality photos, and do not stop posting for a very long time; a week of Instagram posting break is enough.

Make sure your Instagram is a business profile

There are perks to switching your salon’s regular account to a business profile. You can get analytics, insights on how much engagement you are getting on Instagram. At the same time, you will get a nifty contact button, so your customers can just easily go to your Instagram profile and start contacting you for an appointment.

Find out when people are most active

With the business account, you can get information on when your clients are mostly active. This will guide you on when you can post photos; obviously, post only on times when there is high engagement.

Create incentives

If you want to build a solid Instagram-based clientele, you can offer Instagram-only benefits to them. For instance, roll out promotions that only followers of your account will know about such as a discount or a free product.

Invest in sponsored posts

Like any kind of marketing, you need to spend to gain more. While social media is a free outlet, paying for their sponsored ads will help you reach an audience that you probably haven’t even thought of reaching before. They will not just target your clients’ circle of friends, but anyone who has ever shown an interest in beauty and wellness.

Take note of these Instagram tips and apply them to your salon’s account. pretty soon your account will burst in follow notifications.

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