60 Salon Marketing Ideas and Tools- The Ultimate List

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60 Salon Marketing Ideas and Tools- The Ultimate List

When it comes to salon marketing — or any marketing for that matter — it is all about the Internet. Digital marketing has definitely leveled the playing field between all businesses, whether it is a small-time salon or a big name beauty and lifestyle group. If you are a budding salon business owner, you need to arm yourselves with a lot of digital marketing ideas. But of course, online techniques should still go hand with offline marketing.

At the end of the day, you should be able to push efforts that will make people engage with you. To guide you, here is a list of salon marketing ideas you can use for your business.

16 Online Marketing Ideas

Create a website

Think of websites as your personal address on the Internet. All companies of all sizes have websites where they share useful information about their products and services, important announcements, and upcoming offers. As a salon, there is a lot of competition out there, so creating a website is a good start.

Utilize social media networks

Of course, if you have a website, you should also start creating social media accounts. And we are not just talking about Facebook, you should have everything: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Google+. Each of these social media networks has various specialties. For instance, Instagram is perfect for showing off how awesome your hair dyeing skills are.

Offer promos

Promos are not just discounts, you can mix it up a bit. Like offering group discounts, for every 2 or 3 people who are getting serviced, 1 people can get theirs for free. You can also add a birthday special promo like an extra service.

Apply for listings

This works like the business listings you do offline, except this might take a little longer because of the verification process. You can apply for any of the listings online, but make sure your Google MyBusiness is set up because this will also help increase your chances of being on the first fold of the organic search (we will get to this in a bit).

Make a video

Most people prefer watching rather than reading, it adds more to their brand retention. You can prepare video demonstrations of hair care, maybe show off a product you have just made.

Think of ideas that can go viral

Remember when the ombre became a trend? It all started with a video. If you have a unique hairstyle idea or a new way to achieve an old-style, that has the potential to be viral

Write blog articles

Another way to make yourself rank on the search engines is to write articles that people can share through all of their social media accounts. Make sure that you are not doing this just for the website traffic, but also to provide your customers with interesting topics to read.

Ask clients to create reviews

The best thing about the Internet is everyone has a platform to say their opinions. So take this chance to encourage satisfied customers to rate your services on Facebook or leave testimonies on your website.

Start email campaigns

Contrary to popular belief, people still do open emails. But you do not want them to mark you as spam. The best way to send emails is not to do it often, you can send an email once a month or a bi-monthly basis. Make sure the campaign design is optimal and appealing. If it looks sketchy, your customers will not take the time to read it. Lastly, make sure the subject line and the preview text will catch their attention so that they will actually open the email.

Send customers messages

This is different from newsletters and announcements. What you can do is send your customers greetings for the week, maybe a thank you letter for being a loyal customer, and sending out well wishes on important holidays.

Learn about SEO

The game-changer is the Internet, and the weapon used is search engine optimization or SEO. You do not need to know the technicalities involved in SEO because you can always just hire experts. But you need to have an idea of what it is and what it can do so that you know what your goal is going to be in terms of online marketing efforts and how it affects your brand.

Create slideshow videos

If you look at your Fees today, you will see countless short videos with captions on them being shared by your friends. And they are a near-constant on social media nowadays. Those are called slideshow videos, and you can easily do some for your salon like showing a brief history of a hairstyle and so on.

Engage with your customers  online

You do not need to be ‘all business’ when it comes to talking to your customers, it is going to feel robotic. It is awkward in real life, so it is going to be uncomfortable online. Adopt a friendly tone on your online posts, engage with them in a conversational way, as if you are all friends.

Make sure the business brand is well defined

One of the challenges of the digital age is getting your message across properly. Because there are no emotions, inflections, and facial expressions online other than emojis, it is hard to tell if a business owner is passionate about something. So you can avoid this, make sure that your brand story is clearly told. You do not need the bulk of the text to tell people how the company started. Your message can be short and still be understood clearly because the narrative is sold. Additionally. Make sure your logo design is easy to remember.

Get link backs to your website

It is not enough that you churn out content from your website and share it through different avenues. You also need people linking to your website as well. This will rake in more visitors from other people’s pages to yours.

Invest in online ads

Especially if you have a lot of followers already, it is best to invest in online ads so you can target people who share the same interests as your followers. And it has been proven to attract more visitors to your page.

Post content that will target your customer

Other than engaging with your customers in a non-formal way, you can also post content that will appeal to their interests. Since your business is a salon, your followers may be lifestyle and beauty enthusiasts. You can post your stock photos for the beauty that you have saved that shows different hairstyles, it may be something that they would like to try out.

16 Offline Marketing Ideas

Have special giveaways

Giveaways do not just retain your existing pool of customers, but they also attract new ones. Make sure these are giveaways that are enticing. For instance, you can offer a small bottle of conditioner or shampoo that your salon uses on a daily basis for every 5 appointments done. Or you can offer a free manicure for a specific package you want them to avail.

Offer discounts to specific groups of customers

By specific groups of customers, it means bunching the demographics you attract in groups. The first thing you need to do is to know what kind of customers you have. For instance, if the majority of your customers are teens, you can offer a friendship discount whereby if they come in groups of 5, they can get a big discount or get a service for free.

Print out a brochure

No matter what other people say, brochures still work. The thing is, people may not give it a second glance when you hand it to them, but they do read it again once they need something from a salon. Think of it this way: you do the same thing for food brochures, but do you not look for it when you are hungry? The same logic applies to the beauty and lifestyle industry. Brochures are for keeping, so they give them something to keep for future use.

Start a loyalty program

People love the idea of being loyal, whether it is for shops or salons. Offer a loyalty program that has benefits for customers who have come in for more than 10 appointments.

Offer gift card incentives

For those who have not reached your loyalty requirements, you can sell gift card incentives to them. It could be a discount, a free product, or a special coupon they can use at a specific date. You know those coupons you get from a Starbucks planner, you can pattern yours there.

Attend local events

There is nothing like networking, and you can do this by attending local events such as fairs or parties. You can conduct your services there like a manicure or pedicure, simple hair treatments, and so on.

Offer workshops

If you conduct classes about ways people can treat their hair and nails at home, people will attend it. There are so many searches made for homemade solutions, you should be able to provide them. The incentive comes when you offer a product they can get from your salon. Do not worry about losing customers through this, because there are still treatments that only experts can do properly.

Go to seminars to improve your skills

You should be able to improve your technical skills and to do this, you can go to class or seminars. You can even tell your customers about these classes that you are attending through blog articles or vlogs.

Consider selling your own products

Most salons create their own haircare and skincare concoctions, there is no reason for yours not to have one. You can offer test products to see if your product will sell well. Then mass produces it once you have improved on the original product.

Collaborate with other businesses

Another good marketing strategy is to partner up with other businesses. This is especially helpful if your salon is heavy with foot traffic. Look around your city if there is a business you can collaborate with. For instance, you can choose a local cafe or a body shop. You can each offer freebies if customers go to each other shops, just present a receipt or a card and they can avail of it.

Go to schools

A good place to get a big pool of customers is schools, especially since schools have a consistent number of events where students need to dress up. You can go to them to have a live demo or to offer them discounts on their prom or graduation days.

Ask for feedback for business use

This is different from leaving 5 stars on your Facebook. With this one, you can go to your customers directly and converse with them. You can ask them what they think you can improve on your service and what they really like about what you offer. This can allow you access to information that is completely objective.

Push messages to SMS

Do not worry about annoying your customers, because just like brochures, people go back to looking at your messages once they need it. So go on and send short announcements or promo code via SMS.

Offer memberships

Upgrade your loyalty program and offer memberships. Being a member opens up a premium set of benefits like priority booking or automatic 5% discount on services.

Make sure your logo design is epic

Just as your branding narrative is clear on your website, make sure that your logo design portrays your message clearly as well. You need an awesome logo design to help with brand retention.

Do live demos

People like watching demos, pretty sure you have stopped at the mall when someone was demonstrating the use of a state-of-the-art knife. The same is true for hair care and skin care.

22 Marketing tools and salon software to use


Act-On is a cloud-based tool that mostly integrated marketing efforts into sales systems and organizes marketing tools.


A cloud-based tool, Optify allows you to have complete control over your lead generation programs and track if a marketing effort is a success.


If you are big on data, CAKE is the tool for you. It provides real-time analytics that can track whether a marketing campaign is effective. You can control the information in one helpful dashboard.


Both clients and customers can look at a calendar and see which days are free for scheduling an appointment. Customers can book their appointments through Rocqup any time of the day and have access to establishments in Melbourne.


This tool is perfect for small businesses that are still pretty unsure about purchasing marketing tools. Infusionsoft is very cost-effective but it provides a comprehensive marketing and eCommerce suite which includes converting leads.


WordStream is used to optimize search engine marketing, which means this is the tool to use if you want to improve your search engine optimization efforts and if you have PPC (pay per click) campaigns.


This is a tool that allows you to view your expenses, profit, and business tasks in one nifty dashboard. You are also provided with a billing system and a built-in marketing tool. Zenoti also features custom reporting, inventory system, stock management, and employee management.


MailChimp is another popular email marketing campaign tool. It allows you to customize campaigns easily, generate analytics, conduct A/B testing, do a spam filter diagnostics, and geo-target customers.


Vocus helps you with customer acquisition and retention. It is a cloud-based marketing tool that will allow you to easily access different online media channels. Not only can it help you with integrating social media marketing, but it can also do email marketing and search marketing.


YoureOnTime is a tool that will allow your customers to make an appointment and send them reminders and confirmation messages. They can also provide you with a Facebook booking system.


This tool is focused on B2B (business to business) marketers so that they can increase their conversion rates and gain significant website traffic. It also uses smart data that personalize a user’s page tailored to their interests.


Another tool small businesses can utilize is ThriveHive. This tool can help you build a marketing plan that is tailor-made to fit your business needs. Other than marketing, it can help you with search engine optimization.


This tool offers an app that can push for salon referrals and manage existing clientele. You can also build your own website because of its eCommerce features and be able to optimize it for search engines. SalonClouds+ also offers email marketing and text marketing.


LocalVox is what you will need if you want to generate buzz both online and offline. It can help you reach a myriad of local publishers, engage with users on the Internet, and create buzz on social media and through search.


This tool offers personalized marketing strategies through their marketing apps which include social media, blogging, lead management, and marketing analytics.


SimpleSpa has booking capabilities that will allow for easy scheduling of appointments. But more than that, salon owners will be able to sell their products easily through the SimpleSpa

Insight Management Software

In addition to all the features offered by other salon software, it also has payroll capabilities, office management, and a simple drag and drops to fix schedules. This tool will also allow you to supervise employee performance.


Yesware is one of the best tools to use if you are going to push for email campaigns. It is an email platform that is very user-friendly; it can track if emails are opened and user engagement data. It can also sync with CRM tools.


Belliata offers a service for getting customer satisfaction data by sending customer surveys, plus all the features of a salon software like 24/7 online booking.


In terms of getting more conversions, Optimove is the tool you will need to achieve that. It can help you with getting more leads and an increase in customer engagement and spend. This tool can help you understand customers because it can affect customer behavior and allow you to offer something each customer will be interested in.


This is one of the most popular marketing automation companies simply because it is easy to start marketing campaigns through it. Marketer tools being offered include lead management, social media marketing, inbound marketing, and analytics.


Its objective is to increase user engagement. What it does is use smart data to respond to the user’s interests in real-time. For instance, when you go to the Huffington Post, its homepage is going to be tailormade to your interests because of the way you responded or moved around on the website previously.

6 Benefits of Using Salon Software

Confirm appointments

Through any of this salon software, you can send your customers a confirmation of their appointments. This is important because it lessens absences and ensures a customer is able to go to their appointment.

Send specialized emails

Being able to send personalized emails so that your customers can feel valued and appreciated. It is as simple as sending an where you mention them by name. You can even just send them a birthday or anniversary message.


Newsletters will allow you to announce important reminders and discounts that will significantly affect your customers.

Last-minute appointment discounts

Some people usually hesitate to book an appointment, and through last minute booking discounts, you can give them a bit of a nudge. You do not need to offer huge discounts because it is done at the last minute; you can offer a 10-15% discount.

Push reminders

Just like confirming appointments, you can send your customers reminders of special promos or an event you may have organized like a live product demo or a workshop.

Well, this has been a doozy of a list. But if you are a budding salon business owner, or even if you have been in the industry for very long, these are fresh marketing ideas that you can use to gain and retain loyal customers.

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