5 Mistakes Salons Make That Hurt Repeat Business

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5 Mistakes Salons Make That Hurt Repeat Business

Ring ring! I rarely answer the phone, but something told me this call was urgently important. I picked up and it was clear my gut was right: this call was major. It was the nail salon. Jessica, a sweet nail technician who had given my stumpy nails a glamorous new shape and shiny gel polish finish, was stressing out. She was concerned that I hadn’t returned to the salon since my initial appointment, and even more concerned that many of her other customers weren’t returning, either. It almost felt as though I were breaking up with a boyfriend after things just didn’t work out. Jessica, it’s not you, it’s me!

After hanging up I looked down at my grown-out manicure. Aside from a visible crescent of the bare nail and less than tidy cuticles, this manicure had been one of the best. The truth is, the problem totally was Jessica. I wasn’t returning to that salon because Jessica had made one too many mistakes. But Jessica isn’t a special case, many salons suffer from these same mistakes, hurting their repeat business! If you want to run a successful salon, you’ll want to keep your eye out for some of these common mistakes.

  1. Clear Communication is the Key

One of the most widespread mistakes made by salon technicians is that they do not communicate clearly and effectively. This means checking in on the well-being of your customers, making sure they understand everything you are going to do, how much it will cost, and how long it will take, and also listening to the wants and needs of the client. Furthermore, some clients may feel overlooked or uncomfortable if technicians communicate with one another more than with their own clients.

  1. I Owe You How Much?

A bad business move is to add on additional fees without informing your customer. If a gel finish costs extra, be sure to let your client know that before painting it onto her nails. Nobody wants to return to a place where they think they will be paying one thing, but leave paying even more.

  1. Terminology Matters

If you are using dumbed-down language to speak to your clients about their treatment, stop! With the Internet, women everywhere are empowered to know all the ins and outs of various spa and salon treatments before ever even entering a salon. In order to appear authoritative and confident, you should use only the technical terminology for everything within your treatment. At the same time, you should make sure your client understands what you are talking about, so be sure to take the time to explain each term as needed.

  1. Take Your Time

Women go to the salon to be pampered and feel beautiful, not to be rushed from station to station. If you want to impress customers with your service, spend a little extra time making them feel special. By giving attention to detail, you can spend a little more time with each client and make them feel like freshly manicured royalty!

  1. Establish a Relationship

Be yourself. Have a conversation with your customers and maybe tell them a little about yourself.  It turns out, most salon-goers are more picky about finding a technician they like than the actual look and style of the manicure. By building a relationship with your client, you may charm them into coming back again for a touch-up!

I did give Jessica a second chance, and, after explaining to her what things had bothered me during my visit, we became good friends! Now, I always look forward to my next manicure touch-up so I can visit Jessica and the salon!

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