5 Benefits of Mobile Payments for Salon Business

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What is so cool about technology today is you can almost always use it for your daily transactions. Need to transfer funds from account to another? No problem, you can always use the bank app to make the transfer. Need to pay your phone bill? Just access your mobile provider and pay online. These are advantages that have made it possible for us to make payments on the go.

For this reason, it would make sense of salon businesses would do the same thing. Why not, right? Customer can book an appointment on your point-of-sale system or your own mobile app, and they can just pay for it as soon as they have reserved a slot. Now all they need to do is show up!

By doing this, you are not only making it easy for them to access your services, but you are also reducing unnecessary use of their time. They do not need to wait for you to print out your bill, they can already pay for it at home through mobile. To further discuss the advantages of having a mobile payment scheme, read through this article.

People prefer paying through credit cards

There are some people who would much prefer paying through credit card rather than fishing out their wallets to get cash. Various reasons may influence this preference, like maybe it is safer or maybe withdrawing money from the ATM is a little tedious. Either way, you need to adapt to this change and start providing an avenue for people who prefer to pay through credit card.

Retaining more customers and reducing no-shows

The best part about mobile payments is its ease of use, and it is fast too! Their credit card information are already saved on your system, so they can just pay with a few swipes of the finger. And you will notice that this will reduce no-shows too since people will go through with their service since they have already paid for it.

You will get helpful analytics through mobile payment

Anything that is done online comes with data. Providing a mobile payment scheme for your customers will not just ensure that you are able to track the scheduled appointments, but you will also learn client behaviour. For instance, you can get information on which services are popular for mobile users. Take this data and create strategies that target those mobile users.

Another avenue to push for loyalty programs

In relation to the previous point, you can also use mobile payment to push for promotions to clients who use it more. Maybe you can offer promotions that are exclusively for people who book and pay through mobile. You can offer incentives and other perks so that they would be encouraged to use it more.

Save more from reduced fees

Mobile payment companies actually charge less than credit card companies — you will actually save more with this added service. If you are just starting with your salon business, this is something that can be advantageous to you.

These are major benefits of offering mobile payments as one of the perks of being a patron of your salon. Make sure that you are able to utilise and maximise its use for better customer retention, performance, and service.

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