4 Steps to Email Marketing Success for Your Salon

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With the advancements in technology nowadays, it is easy to assume that there are some old school tricks that may not work today. For instance, did you know there is something called telemarketing where marketers actually call you up to sell their products or services. That technique used to work, in fact, there used to be a whole group dedicated to telemarketing. Now, it is more of a nuisance. Pretty sure that when you receive calls from telemarketers, you immediately think of a way to get out of the conversation.

But the same cannot be applied to emails. Yes, emails are a bit on the old school side mainly because not a lot of people think product emails are worth opening anymore. Let me tell you now that thinking that way may be detrimental to your salon. Of course they are going to open product emails, they subscribed to it.

All you need to do is include email marketing strategies when you are coming up with salon marketing ideas. In this way, you are not only strengthening your presence on social media, but conquering email as well.

Know the parts of an email

An email has 5 major parts: the email subject, preview text, email content – header, email content – body, and email content – closing.

Each of these parts have functions that you need to remember. The email subject is the first thing they will see, so make sure that it is catchy. If it is a limited time deal, apply “Fear of Missing Out” lines like “Hurry!” or “Don’t Miss out!”.

The preview text should tell them about the benefits they will get if they continue reading. An example would be “Find out how you can get a 10% discount on your keratin treatment.”.

When you reach the email content, make sure to focus on your header (hook — get their attention), the body (line), and the closing sentence (sinker).

Make sure the content is relevant

Now that you know the parts you need to focus on, it’s time you think about what you are going to write. People often overlook the importance of having a succinct and relevant email. Remember that you only need to answer basic questions: Who, what, when, where, how, and why.

For whom is the email for, what are you talking, where can they get what it is you are offering, until when will it be available, how can they claim your offer, and why should they even make time to get your offer.

Focus on experience

Even if they know you are selling them something, people do not want to feel like they are being sold to. It removes the human aspect of emails, and it makes it awkward to write. Since we are talking about showing them the benefits of getting a service in your salon, why not touch on experiences they can relate to.

For instance, you can talk about bad hair days and how much of a hassle it is especially when you have meetings scheduled for the whole day. A lot of working women can relate to this issue and will immediately be hooked, then introduce what promo you are offering to solve this problem.

Use good images

When it comes to email marketing, good content is nothing if the image that comes with it is low quality. Make sure that your images are as enticing as the content that you have written. It acts as another hook for clients, this is why a lot of time is devoted towards designing the whole email campaign.

Email is still very much alive, and you would be wise t0 maximise its use so you can sell more products and services.

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