12 Reasons Clients Will Love Texting with Your Salon

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It is safe to say that in this day and age, the mobile phone is everyone’s lifeline. Because the world has become so fast-paced, everyone must have their phones grasped tightly in their hands to receive an important call or read an urgent email. It is the most used communication tool because we can receive information at a snap. And while we can do video chats and email messaging very easily, the majority of us still prefer texting.

When it comes to texting, our behavior is a little different. We tend to be more patient, waiting for the other person to become available to reply. We text every now, from our family members to friends, even to restaurants we want to reserve a table in. It is just one of the fastest ways to get to an answer. As a salon business, you need to get in on the action. You need to pattern some of your salon marketing ideas towards pushing for mobile efforts.

Everyone texts and people would rather text your salon shop than call your landline. If you are still skeptical, here are ways to make things easier for mobile users.

Push appointment reminder messages

This is a great way to reduce the number of no-shows. At the same time, it allows the person who scheduled the appointment to think about whether they actually want to push through with it. They might just have forgotten about it because of their busy week, so remind them that they have something coming up. You can send the client a message a day before to confirm their appointment, preferably in the afternoon or early evening. Make sure to mention what their appointment is, just in case they have forgotten that as well.

Send targeted messages

Targeted messages mean that you will be sending your clients promotions or exclusive treatments that are relevant to them. Your salon has records of their visits and the kinds of treatments they usually get. Why not push for promotion and send it their way through text? In this way, you will be able to strengthen your relationship with clients because you know what they need, and it increases customer loyalty.

Offer to schedule an appointment for them

A client canceling an appointment means that you have a slot to fill. You can send your clients messages, telling them that there is a special promotion or reward for booking right at that moment. Look at your target customers again, those who frequent the salon consistently, send them a message and fill in your slow times with your most loyal customers.

Sell your products

Hey, this is not some shameless plug. Utilize mobile texting by telling your customers about new products that you are selling. Using the tip on-target messaging, you can also send customers who have already bought products that you are offering a special bundle promo for them, or that the products are simply available for purchase. Ask if they would like to reserve a couple of bottles to be picked up on their next visit.

Send daily tips

Some businesses exclusively do this on social media or through a blog article on their website. If you want to target all kinds of customers, you will do this on both of those platforms plus the mobile. Text them simple hair and skincare reminders, tips, and even products to use on a specific kind of weather.

Short customer survey

You probably send your clients surveys every now and then. But if you want to know something quickly, you can run a poll through text. Maybe send them a message if they prefer the new shampoo you are using or the old one. Ask them who serviced them on their visit and if they did a good job. Or maybe an employee is still on probation and you want the clients who have be serviced by this particular employee to rate them.

Offer referral promotions

Of course you will want to grow your customer list. One of the ways you can do this is by sending your existing clients a text which says they will get an X% discount if they share this text to a friend. You can also offer a free treatment via text if they bring one or two friends with them (include the friends in the free treatment). This is effective especially if the incentive is worth it.

Alert notifications

In the event that you need to close down on a specific day, you can easily send your clients an alert that scheduled appointments for that day will have to be moved. You can also send them a notification if any of your communications systems are down.

Communicate with your clients constantly through text

Some customers do not like waiting for the phone to be free. If they are running late for an appointment or would need to change time slots, it would be easier for them to do it through text and faster for you to make the changes. So when you send them an alert about their appointment, offer to be texted instead.

Create call-to-action marketing

If you do not have an app specifically made for your salon, maybe you can create a different kind of CTA marketing. Assign words like “loyalty” or “promo” and have them text you these keywords to find out how many loyalty points they have or what promos they can avail currently.

Text from your salon number

If you are using a salon tool, one of the features would be SMS messaging. The best thing about it is you will be using your own salon number; not your number or an automated number. It gives your messages a friendly kind of tone, a human touch if you will. And this is important because customers do not want to be sent mechanical messages, they want it to be personal.

Use the SMS system with your staff

Clients are not the only one benefiting from your messaging system. Your staff can also use specific keywords like “schedule” or “meeting” so they can be sent the day’s tasks lined up for them.

If you are able to use these well, you will see a great increase in your customer list and a pool of loyal clients who will help you spread the word on your brand.

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