10 Ways to Motivate Salon and Spa Employees

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In a business that thrives on client service, it is easy to forget that part of its success is satisfying the employees as well. Satisfying them in a way that they would feel the drive to come to work every day. And we are not talking about spoiling them by creating a lax culture, in fact, that is going to influence their work in a bad way. The satisfaction we are talking about is simply motivation and what it takes for them to feel that they are valued.

A client-centric industry is nothing without motivated employees. You could have executed the best salon marketing ideas, but if your employees feel that they are pawns than partners, it is not going to end well for you. As the owner or the manager, this is your goal: to make them understand your business mission and objectives and make it their own as well. To do this, you need to create an environment that inspires them to pursue your vision.

In this article, we will talk about ways in which you can motivate your salon and spa employees.

Establish a positive culture

A positive culture means an environment where they will be enthusiastic about doing their work. Remember that they are servicing clients, some of which are unappreciative and rude; so it would be up to you to balance that out by being positive and appreciating their work. Other than having conversations with them, you can provide a positive environment with their own break room. This will allow them to take a few minutes to shake the stress off and where they can encourage each other by sharing tips and tricks.

Guide their personal growth

People are unique, this is something owners tend to forget. You cannot put all of your employees in one box, because each of them has their own way of accomplishing a task or dealing with complications. It would do well for you if you can get to know them on a much deeper level and help them in their personal growth. Allow room for them to express their creativity while keeping your own company goals in check. This is not an “it’s only my way or no way” scenario; you might actually learn from them.

Set achievable goals

Business owners have a tendency to overshoot when it comes to setting goals. Some of them actually think that by establishing unrealistic goals, their employees would work harder to make it real. The problem with this is they are pressured into working hard, and that just puts so much stress on them. This will ultimately lead to stress on you as well because now you have a group of people too tired to work. Set realistic goals; start small and slowly make your way up. Do not shock yourselves, progress takes time.

Offer employees incentives for every goal achieved

Obviously, one of the ways you can boost their morale is if they are rewarded for every goal that they achieve. Rewards are not petty, and it seems a lot of people believe that it is. Maybe you can give them an incentive whenever they have successfully offered a client a membership. Or you can rethink your pay structure, how are you paying your employees and how can you improve it?

Give them special rewards

This is quite different from incentives mainly because this does not affect any pay structure, you just want to reward them for a job well done. You can offer your sincerest gratitude and appreciation even when they are just doing small tasks for your salon. You can offer to include them in your salon’s loyalty program, have them earn points so that they can enjoy the services that are offering to clients. If it is their birthday, maybe you can offer to give them a gift certificate to their favorite cafe or retail shop. Offer gift baskets to employees of the month. Anything you can do to make them feel valued goes a long way.

Provide training

Another way to motivate them is to sponsor their training and development. Just like any other industry, the beauty and wellness industry is also continuously improving. Thus the need to attend seminars and training conducted by experts. You can have them attend unique opportunities like this and invest in the improvement of their skills as service providers and wellness professionals.

Foster healthy competition

And make sure it remains to be a friendly competition, you do not want employees bickering about menial stuff like client stealing and whatnot. You can start by coming up with weekly goals like increasing sales by a certain percentage, employees who can meet the goal can see that their position on the leaderboard goes up a notch.

Give out recognition certificates

Rewards, whether monetary or through gifts, are all well and good. But nothing beats the pride brought about receiving a certificate of recognition. Consider holding a quarterly awarding event where you can give out small plaques of recognition to employees who have worked hard.

Offer advice

We have emphasized the need to have conversations with your employees, a talk that offers you a deeper level of understanding of where they are coming from. This is because they will feel more like your friend and partner than service employees. You can offer them insights and advice on how to remain enthusiastic about their work and how they can manage their time.

Conduct team buildings

Every summer, you can plan to take your employees out on a break by conducting team buildings. Do not just talk about how they can improve their work, in fact, take this opportunity not to talk about work. Allow them to recharge and just enjoy time with each other.

Motivating your employees makes all the difference. They might be working for you, but if their work and services are not valued, you will always be on the losing end. So take the time to appreciate them and show them how much their efforts are valued.

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