10 Salon Marketing Ideas to Grow your Salon

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When you are a salon business owner, you face countless challenges almost on a daily basis. You need to make sure that the staff morale remains high, the quality of service remains top-notch, the clients are always happy, and a whole lot more. It is true what they say, it seems, when you are in the beauty and wellness industry, the list of things you need to be on top of never ends.

However, in addition to all of that, one of the most challenging parts of being in this business is coming up with fresh salon marketing ideas to keep the people coming. The competition in the beauty and wellness industry is pretty stiff, there are a lot of businesses to compete with. Not to mention, it is not just your services that you need to market, your products also have plenty of competition to deal with.

So how does a salon like yours come out on top? Here are a few ways.

Maximise the use of your social media

If you do not have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you might want to start creating accounts for those now. This is one of the marketing tools you can use to bolster your brand. And you know what? It is completely free! You can use this to show people pictures of hairstyles you have done, you can tell them about on-going promos, you can interact with, and so on. This is also the perfect way to show potential clients what you can offer.

Invest on social media ads

Now for the part where you need to pay, but do not worry, social media ads are rather cheap and they are an investment you can make that is completely worth it and effective. You can boost posts on social media so that they can target your client’s friends, people who are interested in beauty and wellness, and even target specific locations. Always do this when you have promotions and special announcements.

Create a website

Of course, it is not enough that you have social media pages, you must have your own website. Think of this as your address on the Internet. The competition today is mostly digital, so you need to cover all grounds. Websites are the first things that rank on search engines, so you must have one if you want to target keywords like “salons in Melbourne” and so on. Additionally, make sure the design of your website looks appealing and the content remains updated.

Write articles on your website

One of the best ways to rank your website other than populating it with keywords is through article posts. You can write about daily hair care tips, maybe offer a natural alternative to hair dyes, you can also take this opportunity to talk about your products and how it was made. Include awesome photos or videos to back up your words, and it will surely be shared by lots of people.

Make booking easy

Nowadays, you still need the salon landline to be able to secure a slot for an appointment. Some people just do not have the time to wait for a call to be received, so make it easy for them. There are salon tools that offer online or app booking, one your clients can access anytime and anywhere. You can also offer SMS booking by assigning a keyword like “appointment [insert time here] [insert treatment here]” and have it sent to a mobile phone number dedicated to receiving schedules. Additionally, you can use your social media pages as a booking tool.

Collaborate with other local businesses

Networking is still one of the best techniques if you want word of your brand to spread, and one way to do this is by working with other businesses. Maybe you can partner up with a cafe and offer a free hair treatment or product whenever they buy the cake of the day. And you can also do the same thing for them, offer a service that will get your partner attention from your crowd. In this way, you are both targeting each other’s demographic.

Offer unique promos and packages

Clients do not stay because you always offer discounts, they stay because of the perks and rewards. You can do this by creating bundle packs, monthly special treatments, last minute specials, and birthday treatments. Discounts are well and good, but they are not as personal as a well-crafted promo made based on what majority of your clients avail of.

Create a loyalty membership

Your clients will love it if you tell them that they are now part of the VIP crowd. Offer your most loyal customers a chance to earn reward points by starting a loyalty membership program. Points can be used for treatments and products, or even equate to specific discounts.

Start a referral program

One way to ensure your brand name gets spread around is you offer a referral program to your clients. Maybe you can create a “share this with your family or friend” kind of promo or offer to give out reward points for every person they have successfully brought to the salon. This is very useful, so while ads are effective, do not downplay the power of word of mouth.

Always be updated on trends

People nowadays look for fresh trends and fads to adapt into their lifestyle, and it changes very quickly. So if there is a trend that you think the local community will like, offer it to them. Just to show them you can do it successfully, you can do it with your staff and video record it.

But most importantly, you should be able to execute services perfectly and do it with a smile. There is nothing like making your clients feel that their happiness and satisfaction is your goal. Remember that all businesses aim to retain their clientele, not thinking about what actually makes them happy. Be different, make your interactions with them relevant and personal.

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