10 Effective Ways to Attract Clients to your Salon and Spa

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The hardest part about owning a salon is the competition. There are a lot of beauty and wellness business owners that are hard to keep up. As a customer, we want someone we can trust with our hair and skin. But how would we know which one to be loyal to? It all comes down to a combination of effective salon marketing ideas and the quality of service being offered.

Believe me, when I say you do not need to be a big-time company to gain a lot of traction, all you need is an understanding of effective marketing and expertise that can be seen in how the treatments are being executed. In this article, we will talk about ways in which you can attract potential clients to your salon and keep them to be your loyal clients.

Target the right type of new clients

Obviously, as a salon, everyone is your target market. But it would help if you would initially have a specific target demographic in mind. Do you want to attract younger clients? Then craft strategies that appeal to them. For instance, the trend is coloring your hair in a very unique way, like an ombre. Push out photos or videos on social media about how you do your dyes and make sure your models are of the demographic you want to attract. When you have accomplished this goal, you can gradually move onto other demographics or target clients.

Utilize social media

Create campaigns that target social media users like uploading demo videos or photos of new hairstyles. The majority of the people are on social media, so make sure you are maximizing the use of yours. You can run raffles and contests on there. Maybe ask them to upload a photo of the new hairstyle they got from your salon. Any social media interaction from your customers is a big plus.

Invest in online ads

Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram offer business campaign ads. Invest in them because it has been known to be effective. The way it works is you can set who you want to target, which country, which age demographic, and so on. The best part is they provide analytics so you have data on which posts were effective, what time of day people are usually online, and make improvements on your social media engagement accordingly.

Create a website

I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to have your own website. Having social media pages is not enough, you need to have your own personal address on the Internet. This will house all of the information a client might need like services offered, costs, and products you are selling. At the same time, a website makes your business legitimate. Not all salons take the time to work on their website, so make sure you do.

Create an e-Commerce campaign

Groupons have become really popular these days. Study how e-Commerce campaigns like this work and offer your own promotions. Maybe your customers can get a discounted treatment or a free product when they book online using a promo code.

Introduce a loyalty program

Clients usually appreciate rewards systems more than discounted promos, this is mainly because rewards can be gained whenever whereas promos have an expiry. Create a membership program for clients so that they have a goal to achieve: to get as many reward points to get a discount or a free treatment. But make sure your perks are attractive.

Write blog articles

Because you have a website, it would be a great idea to blog about the beauty and wellness industry. Offer tips and tricks on how clients can take care of their hair and other homecare techniques they can do. This is also great to reinforce your Internet presence since Google will have content to look over. The competition today is online, and constantly publishing articles will help you get to that coveted first page on search engines.

Partner up with other businesses

A great tactic would be partnering up with other local businesses and introducing yourselves to their market. Maybe you can offer a joint promotion wherein a couple of cups of coffee can get them a free haircut with a discounted treatment. These cross-promotion techniques are effective because you get to tap into a market you would not have been able to get on your own.

Do not hesitate to ask for referrals

Businesses thrive on being recommended by their clients. Offer them an incentive for referring your salon to a family member or a friend. Maybe they can get 4 reward points just for bringing someone in. This is one of the ways to spread your name around, so do not hesitate to ask them to do it for you.

Get leads

Provide a contact form on your website or have your clients fill out a form on your salon. Getting their contact details can be important especially if you are pushing campaigns for the month.

These are sure-fire ways to attract clients, but you must work hard to keep them coming back for more. Offer great deals and provide the first-class service, and they will never look at another salon again.

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