Understanding the Roots of Why Tattoo Hair Is Trendy Now

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The best hairstyles for men and women change over the years, and now, there is a new trend that has come to our attention. Tattoo hair is currently taking over the hair scene and if you’re the type who loves to keep up to date with the latest trends then we’re pretty sure you have heard of it already.

Hair Tattoos are extremely popular in Social Media right now, but do you know how this trend came to be?

For those who are a little bit confused as to what hair tattoos are, they’re pretty much the same as hair art.  A lot of hair styling enthusiasts are loving the trend because of the intricate geometric designs and abstract patterns. But there’s a much deeper meaning to them.

Understanding the Roots of Tattoo Hair

This hair trend is born out of the shaved design that’s more likely to look like an undercut hairstyle but with some added creative flair to it. Although these “hair tattoos” maybe storming up your social media feeds right now, these are nothing new considering they have been introduced before and is known to be a signature art for black barbershop’s hairstyling. A few people thought of it as some sort of new style and that it’s a fresh thing for the industry and were late to realize that black people have been doing this art way before it was even made huge on the internet.

Now, for the most part, most of your hair is going to get trimmed at the desired length as a means of preparing the canvas where the patterns will be made. Achieving those intricate patterns does look quite complicated but with your skilled barber and stylist ready to style your hair, this is easily achievable. Creating tattoo hair is through the use of clippers and razors, and armed with a variety of techniques to effectively attain the look.

The time and price of this hairstyle also entirely depends on how complex you want it to be. If you want something of the realistic symbols and insignia made, then that is surely going to take a lot of work and time off of your stylist’s hands. And if you’re wondering? Yes. There are lots of insanely beautiful and outrageous tattoo hair designs being made. You can check out @newstyle84 ‘s IG Feed because he’s got a lot of talent.

Although, abstract patterns or geometrical designs are the tattoo hairstyles to flood our social media feeds and have a much stronger appeal, maybe because it’s easy to enjoy the simple and minimalistic aesthetic of this design. Not to mention, you can easily play and work around your beautiful mane to create a look that will go well to your current tattoo hairstyle in a way that won’t appear as you’ve overdone the whole thing.

Now if you think the hair tattoo is going to lose its flare over time, don’t hurry on thinking about it just yet because there’s also another trend emerging from this style. Hair tattoos covered in glitter is currently dominating Instagram. Now that’s a fun and shiny twist to add color to your hair!

So, if you are running out of creative ideas in what up do you’re taking on next and that you have always wanted to try out something intricately different, then this ‘tattoo hair’ style might just be the right one for you.

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