Top off Your Valentine’s Look with these Hairstyles!

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Valentine’s Day is one traditional holiday that people seem to either love or hate. Even if you’re single or just not a big fan of the whole romantic hoopla, you can still use this day to celebrate different types of love such as love for your family and friends. One type of love you shouldn’t forget is self-love, which can be expressed in many ways. Our favorites? Dressing up, looking good, and feeling good.

Whether you’re going out on a date or for a night out with the girls, planning your whole look is part of the fun! Why not try something different with your hair? The plethora of women’s hairstyles you can try out may seem overwhelming, but we’ve managed to sift through the endless ways you can style your hair to these 6 looks. Find the look of your choice and get inspired by our Youtube heroes!

Glamorous Relaxed Retro Waves


Perfect for long hair or short, vintage curls are a great way to add a little glamour to your look without breaking the bank on an expensive outfit. This utilizes heat styling tools though so make sure you already know how to protect and care for your hair!


Laidback Heatless Beach Curls


Countless tutorials on how to create beach curls are out there. Countless. This one in particular provides two benefits: no heat is used so doing it constantly won’t damage your hair, and the curls are near your front hairline and is therefore less likely to affect your sleep comfort. Beach waves is a style that will probably never ever ever ever go away. It’s cute, it’s fun, and frames any face quite well.


Innocent Cutesy Twin Buns


Speaking of cute, kick it up a notch and feel absolutely adorable with these twin buns! Though wedon’t usually encourage using baby voice (but if that’s what you’re into, then by all means), but this hairstyle can go from young and cute to bad ass chic. It all depends on the attitude!


Sophisticated Two-tiered Half Updo


This video is pretty much the whole package, featuring not only a great hairstyle but also makeup and outfits. It was uploaded a little over two years ago but hey, the whole look still works.


Femme Fatale – Brigitte Bardot Big Hair & Makeup


French actress, singer, model, and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot was one of the biggest stars in the 1950s and 1960s. While an overall beauty, her most iconic feature was her big, tousled hair that was often styled in many ways, each one more alluring than the last. Channel your inner femme fatale with these Brigitte-inspired styles.


Fun and Flirty Voluminous Soft Curls


Want to sport something more intricate? Those blessed with more patience may want to try this very feminine hairstyle. You’ll need high-quality hair extensions for the extra boost, and heat styling tools are used in the process as well.It’s definitely worth it though, because the final look looks absolutely amazing!


Love is a wonderful thing that is worthy of being celebrated and being motivation for trying out new hairstyles. Whatever look you choose, remember to wear it with confidence and pride! In the wise albeit slightly tactful words of RuPaul “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

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