The Modern Woman’s Guide to Impeccable Grooming

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Did you know that people in the Middle Ages did not take baths as often as we do now? While they didn’t exactly take baths only once a year as some say, it certainly was not a daily ritual.

Thankfully, society as a whole nowadays are much more concerned with basic hygiene, much so that we literally have countless hygiene products to choose from in the market. Personal grooming is a basic necessity that sadly some people are yet to master. To give you some ideas, here are basic tips for impeccable personal grooming.

Take baths

A no-brainer, yet somehow there are those who don’t seem to take baths regularly. No amount of dry shampoo can substitute the cleanliness provided by washing hair; the only reason you should be using it is when you don’t want to dry out your hair by shampooing too often. The only time you can get away with not taking a daily shower is during the winter, when it’s too cold and you don’t accumulate as much dirt, sweat, and grime.

Choose your haircut and colour well

We’re not ones to stifle creativity, but unless you plan on changing your hair every other month we suggest sticking to haircuts that suit your face shape and you can maintain. Hair colours are the same: don’t dye your hair if you don’t intend to maintain or change the colour once it becomes dull. All it will do is make you look good for a few weeks then gradually give you daily bad hair days.

Prioritize skincare over makeup

Makeup can make you look good temporarily. Healthy skin can make you look good regardless of whether you’re wearing makeup or not. Don’t keep your makeup on longer than you should and for goodness sake never sleep with it on! Always stay hydrated and invest in skincare more than makeup products.

Choose your clothing well

Wearing designer brands won’t make you look good if they don’t fit well. Choose clothes that suit your personal style, flatter your body type, and that you’re comfortable wearing. Don’t hesitate to have some clothing items altered if need be so they fit right.

Keep your nails clean and trimmed

Same with the hairstyles, don’t grow your nails long and wear manicure if you’re not going to be able to maintain it. The safest bet is just to keep it short and clean.

Admittedly, looks aren’t everything. What’s even more important than being born with stunningly good looks is being able to represent yourself well through confidence, style, and proper grooming. From the right hairstyle to clean clothes that fit well, it only takes a little bit of conscious effort to improve one’s appearance and self-esteem.

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