The Best Products for Achieving Unicorn Hair

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Unicorns are certainly magical creatures. So are women. Having said that, ‘unicorn hair’ is now a growing trend among women. The term does have various definitions when it comes to women’s hairstyles, but it usually refers to having multi-colored hair, usually in light blues, lavender, and cotton candy pink. In some cases, it may refer to artfully styling the hair to form a ‘horn’ at the top of the head. The first step is to browse high-end beauty photo collection to get some ideas. Here are styling products and tools that will help you achieve that sought-after unicorn hair.

Semi-permanent dyes

Compared to other types of dyes, semi-permanent dyes shouldn’t be mixed with creme developers. They can be applied directly to the hair and left on for anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours to achieve your desired color. Because no developer is used though, these sorts of dyes are unable to lift or lighten the hair to allow the color pigment in the dye to penetrate the hair shaft. Favorite dyes in the colorful hair community include Manic Panic, Splat, Arctic Fox, and Sparks.

For unicorn hair, starting with light blond hair is best. Having dark hair means you’ll need the next item on the list, which is –


Very useful but very powerful, hair bleach will strip the natural color of the hair. Be warned that some stinging may occur when applied on the scalp or any part of your skin! It’s also very possible to end up with brassy orange hair if the bleaching process is not done correctly. As such, this step is best left with professionals even if you’re on a budget. Trust us – you’ll be saving yourself an immense headache and days of having awful-looking hair.


Highlighter (c)


Conditioner helps you in two ways – one, bleach damages the hair and conditioner will help keep it smooth and healthy. Two, some semi-permanent dyes can be diluted with conditioner so the result is less vibrant and more on the pastel side.


Not the kind you find from the bookstore, silly! Swipe a rainbow highlighter such as this Prism luminizer created by Bitter Lace Beauty on your cheekbones for an added touch of magic!

Hair Chalk

Not ready to commit to colorful hair? Hair chalk in different hues is the perfect substitute for dyes. They’re very easy to wash off so you can mix and match colors until you find the combinations you like.

Braid Tutorials

Multi-colored hair looks stunning in braids. Take a look through these braid tutorials to help you create different looks for every day of the week.

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