Quick Tips on How to Avoid Hair Tangles & Knots for Men

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Bed head, wild mane, or snarled hair? We all know what it means. I mean, no one ever wakes up in the morning with a tousled-free hair. Needless to say, we can’t expect to have a prim and proper hair all but ready for work when you get out of bed. There will be tangles, curls, or even knots up there (or everywhere), that’s for sure.

Once we’re facing the mirror, we all immediately grab for a comb that can tame those untidy locks back to their place. It’s almost a common routine for anyone who is used to having long hair and by this point in time you have to know how to fix and style your hair in a matter of minutes to get ready for work.

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Men, women, everyone has their own struggles when it comes to their hair getting tangled up and that removing knots can be just as equally frustrating. Some of men’s best hairstyles, before it can be styled up to perfection, encounter the dilemma of tangles and knots on a daily basis. So here are some helpful tips on how to detangle even the most unruly knots.

hairstyle for men


Hair Conditioning

If you want to have a tangle-free hair, you will need to learn firsthand that it is quite important to condition your hair, from each strand you need to start from the roots to the ends of your hair. Spread it evenly and if there are tangles in your hair, try to remove them gently since you do not want to lose some strands of hair. Hair is prone to hairfall when wet.

Aside from hair conditioners, you can also opt for natural oils. A well lubricated hair is much easier to detangle so consider combing your fingers through your hair when you have applied enough conditioner to your hair.

Do Not Use Brush in Detangling

The use of a wide toothed comb is a must for wet hair and detangling knots, never use a brush. This type of comb is quite handy because it helps in clearing the tangles easier and efficiently compared to the normal brush which has the tendency to get stuck along the knots. A good technique would be to start combing your hair from the bottom and then upwards, that way the end strands are already loose.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trim your hair when it gets too long because it helps in preventing damaged ends, if you can believe. When a hair is damaged such as split ends, it tends to get rough in texture and causes your hair to be stiff which then leads to snags and more tangles. Get a trim maybe every 3 or 4 months, you don’t have to literally cut off a mass length of hair, just enough inches of the ends will do to help with hair growth and keeping your hair tangle-free.

hairstyle for men


Bed Routine

It also helps if you have a hair routine before going to bed. If you do not want to wake up with an unruly mess of long hair then it would be a good idea to tie it up loosely in a ponytail or even put it up in a man-bun. In addition, never go to bed when your hair is still uncombed and wet. If you are uncomfortable with sleeping with having your hair tied up, another option for you is to brush your hair gently. You can use a brush, as long as your hair is thoroughly dried and combed beforehand. Paddle brushes are your best bet for brushing your long mane before bedtime.

Preventing hair tangles and snags will require your time, patience and the right technique. With that said, coaxing your hair to cooperate in the early morning will be a breeze.

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