Portrait Nails Are Just The Hallowe’en Trend We Need to Freak Everyone Out

Posted by Peter Buijs on

Trends are pretty much a hit or miss. Some are so bad you don’t even know why everyone started making it a trend (like low hanging jeans, that still doesn’t make sense). For instance, have you heard of the McDonald’s brows? Make up artists started painting their brows to look like Ronald McDonald’s! This was started by famous beauty influences, Huda Kattan, and was immediately emulated by other artists on Youtube and Instagram. Why anyone would do that to their faces, we wouldn’t know. But if they’re feeling it and working it, well, then I’m living for them.

However, there’s this new nail art trend that just takes the cake in high levels of weird. Introducing self-portrait nail art! That’s right, it’s your face on your nails, and boy does it look freaky.

There are still some people who are still debating on whether it’s a good kind of uncomfortable weird or is it something we should all actively avoid. A lot of Instagrammers are already flaunting their self-portrait nails, giving them different hairstyles like ones with a bob cut, bangs, hair extensions, and even a couples manicure.

If this is your kind of thing, go on and jump on that weird and freaky bandwagon, just in time for Hallowe’en!






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