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Instagram is the go-to app/website to discover the latest trends before there’s even an article written on it. Even some of the best  highend beauty photo collection are inspired by whatever is currently trending on instagram! If you’re looking to do something new with your nails and can’t be bothered to scour through hundreds of IG photos, here are some of the coolest nail trends you can try.


nail trends

If you’re in the dark about what’s new in nails, might as well keep your nails glowing while you’re at it. Glow-in-the-dark hair briefly became a thing last year, so now nail polish has joined the fun. There are various glow-in-the-dark nail polish available in the market but you can also DIY this look using glow sticks, pigment powders, or even make up!


marble nail trends

Marbles aren’t just for jewellery and floors anymore. It might look super complicated but this is another look you can actually do yourself. Apply two coats of your base colour then add the second on top in tiny dots. Use the base colour to add tiny dots on top of the second colour, then witha  detail brush swirl the colours around until you’re happy with the results. Apply top coat afterwards. This takes some practice though, so try not to lose your marbles in the process of creating them.


beach theme nail trend

This is actually a broad term for many types of nail art designs. Beach-themed can mean freehand waves or splashes of turquoise and sand-coloured polish. Mermaid scales are also possible. Seashells and starfish optional.

Subtle Pink

subtle pink nail

Subtle hues of pink are still quite popular. Perhaps it’s the low-maintenance factor that keeps it top of mind when it comes to colour picks (or the fact that they constantly grace the runways). Either way, it gives off a dainty yet elegant vibe and is suitable for everyday wear.

Nudes, Golds, and Glitter

Nudes, Golds, and Glitter nail

Adding golds and glitters are an interesting twist to any colour. However it seems to work best paired with nudes as it somehow still stays delicate and not too in-your-face. Plus it’s super cute.


Holographic nail

So many people these days are really into looking like a unicorn, and holographic nails, or holo nails, are proof of that. Again, getting this look is easy; apply your base coat, add the topcoat, then get your hands on some holographic powder and use a brush to apply it on top of your manicure. Seal it in with another top coat and voila!

As always, we condone experimenting with different looks. It’s even more fun (albeit sometimes frustrating) to figure out what outfit will go with your nails each time! Just don’t forget to take the necessary steps to keep nails nice and strong and you can try as many of these trends as you’d like.

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