Long Hairstyles for Men That Will Never Go out of Style

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Long hairstyles for men seems to be a trendy new thing. The truth is it has been around for ages, even way before there were highend beauty photo collection available to show the local barbers. That doesn’t mean all long styles from way back are still the same ones we see today. If one were to sport, say, a mullet from the 70s, it wouldn’t exactly be a good look today. No offense to those still wearing a mullet, but maybe it’s time to reconsider a new look?

It’s a general rule that one must carefully choose which bandwagon to jump on. Experimenting with different cuts and styles is always encouraged here, but the best hairstyles for men are truly the ones that are timeless. It’s good for the hair (and your budget) to let it rest after all! Let’s take a look at a few long hairstyles you can sport and not worry about it going out of style.

Shoulder Length

Shoulder Length

Long and straight hair just grazing the shoulders provides a casual look that looks good let down or tied up. The long layers at the front frame the face quite nicely. Use a small amount of pomade to add texture.

Mid-Length Curls

mid length curls
Though technically a medium length cut, the longest strands end just at the nape and layered until the shortest strands graze the bottom of the ear. Naturally curly hair looks best with the subtle layers in the front and back, and parted in the middle. Keep the front strands tucked behind the ears to accentuate the jawline.

Messy Bun

Messy Man Bun

Love it or hate it, it’s not going away permanently. Part of the reason why it’s so popular amongst those with long hair is due to how easy it is to achieve. The man bun looks best casually swept up with a few loose strands for an effortless finish.

Twist-In Bun

Twist-In Bun

The twist-in bun literally puts a new twist on the man bun. First, divide the hair into two sections. Starting from the ear, twist each section away from the face to the nape. Pull the two twisted sections together and tie into a low bun as normal.

Slicked Back

Slicked Back

Slicked back hair is a classic for any age and any hair length – but as far as texture goes, it’s most suitable with fine to medium hair. It can be styled with or without a part. The trick to keep from looking like you’re wearing a helmetis to not pack on products – start with very little and add as only as needed. Back-comb the hair at the top a bit before slicking back so it doesn’t become too flat.

Braided Ponytail

long braid

Learning the basic hair braiding is easy. With this new skill comes a variety of new hairstyles you can try. You can also keep it simple and functional by braiding the whole length at the back or to the side. Suitable for extra long hair.

Half-up Top Bun

Want to show off long hair but keep it out of your face at the same time? Take the strands just at the top of the head and pull it back to create a bun at the crown.

Half Ponytail

Half Ponytail

Another alternative to showing off long locks while keeping them away from the face is the half-up ponytail.

The most difficult part of having long hair is the initial growing out process. It’s common to grow impatient when growing it out that you just give up and chop it all off. If you can stick through it though, here’s a quick guide on how to maintain long hair to help you out. Good luck!

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