Float Down to Instagram and Check Out These ‘It’ Inspired Nail-Art

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Since the release of #ItMovie, a reboot to the 1990 classic film, almost everyone has the Pennywise craze. No, they’re not luring innocent kids with blood-red floating balloons into dark sewers. He’s floating down to the beauty world and has started a killer clown trend.

What began with make-up tutorials on copying that Pennywise look and an odd line of It-inspired bath bombs, is now an It-themed nail-art that has taken over all of Instagram.

No matter how hard you struggle, it seems you definitely can’t escape the Pennywise circus.


The #Itnails tag is where you can find all that horrific clown goodness. Thousands of people posting their own It-inspired nail art, effectively combining art and painting with the appeal of horror and terror.


What’s so hypnotising about these nail art is the amount of detail that comes with them. Some have even created a somewhat 3D look by sticking wig hair or miniature items to give their nails more texture.


Nail artists showcasing their work come from all over the world, and most of them are also using local trends into giving Pennywise life on their nails.


However, no matter how amazing the detail is and how cool it would be to flaunt this about, it still looks like the stuff of nightmares.


You probably need to be careful around people who are easy to scare. They might not want to float down with you.





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