Cuticle Art Is Blowing Up Instagram

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Top Korean nail artist Eun Kyung Park is known for her innovative and wildly creative work. The founder of South Korea’s legendary Unistella Studio was responsible for the shattered glass, diamond nail, and wire nail art designs. This time, she has introduced a new trend that surprisingly has taken focus from the nails and brought it to the cuticles.

Yep, while we might not have seen much of these trends in highend beauty collection  in the past, it won’t be long now. In the meantime, take a look at their masterpieces.


cuticle art trends

cuticle art

Park shares that the trick is to use French tip stickers rather than doing it all freehand. Makes sense, as this look is basically a reverse French manicure.

To get this look, apply a base coat and let dry before applying the French tip stickers about 0.3 to 0.4 cm from the cuticle. Put the colour of your choice then remove the sticker when dry. After that, add a layer of top coat on the full nail and you’re done!
cuticle art trends 2017

In case you want to add glitters, carefully apply them on the cuticle line after the first layer of top coat. Apply another layer of top coat after the glitters to seal them in.

According to Park, the trick to cuticle art is to keep it simple and minimal. However, you can also vamp up this look by using darker colours as a base.

cuticle art trends 2017

cuticle art trends 2017Want these gorgeous nails but can’t drop by Unistella? No problem. Even if you won’t be going to Korea soon, you can still try this cuticle art trend for yourself. Other Instagrammers have also given this look a go.

cuticle art trends 2017

A semi-opaque pink colour works great as a base to really help the cuticle art pop.

cuticle art trends 2017

Use different colours for an even quirkier look.

cuticle art trends 2017

You can also opt to mix cuticle art with regular manicure just to keep things interesting.

cuticle art trends 2017

This manicure adds a different twist to both French tips and cuticle art by using black polish to create the French tips and dots outside of the cuticles.cuticle art trends 2017

If you don’t have French tip stickers on hand, here’s another option for you. These geometric shapes are easier to achieve using regular tape.cuticle art trends 2017

In fact, you can even choose to stick with the base and topcoat, adding just large glitters in between for an even more subtle look.

Bearing in mind that this trend places focus on cuticles, it’s now more important than ever to learn how to take care of them! You can find more cuticle and nail art inspiration by Park and other artists at Unistella at @nail_unistella

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